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Lee Anne George
SPEC Surveys

SPEC Liaisons

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Louis Pitschmann
Dean of Libraries
University of Alabama

Kathleen DeLong
Associate University Librarian
University of Alberta

Stephen Bosch 
Financial and Administrative Services 
University of Arizona

Sherrie Schmidt
University Librarian
Arizona State University

Paula Sullenger
Head, Electronic Resources and Serials
Auburn University

Tom Wall
University Librarian
Boston College

Mary Frances O'Brien
Chief of Public Services 
Boston Public Library

Linda Plunket
Associate University Librarian for Graduate and Research Services
Boston University

Brian Roberts 
Process Improvement Specialist 
Brigham Young University

Jeremy Buhler
Assessment Librarian
University of British Columbia 

Daniel O'Mahony
Senior Scholarly Resources Librarian
Brown University

Mary McConnell
Director, Administration
University of Calgary

Ty Johnson
Budget Analyst
University of California, Berkeley

Gail Yokote 
Associate University Librarian for Research Services & Collections 
University of California, Davis

Kevin Ruminson 
Director of Planning, Assessment, and Research 
University of Califomia, Irvine

Leslie McMichael 
Administrative Specialist 
University of California, Los Angeles

Carole Meyer-Rieth
Administrative Assistant 
University of California, Riverside

Erin O'Brien
Executive Assistant, Library Administration 
University of California, San Diego

Denise Stephens
University Librarian
University of California, Santa Barbara

Gina Midlik 
Budget Coordinator 
Case Western Reserve University

Mary Wilke 
Special Assistant to the President 
Center for Research Libraries

Elizabeth Beers
Assessment Librarian
University of Chicago

Dan Gottlieb
Assistant Dean for Collections & Technical Services
University of Cincinnati

Amy B. Arenson
Professional Assistant, Libraries Administration
University of Colorado

Becky Tamlin
Assistant to the V.P. for Information Technology and Dean of Libraries
Colorado State University

Nisa Bakkalbasi
Assessment Coordinator
Columbia University

Francine DeFranco
Interim Assistant Vice Provost
University of Connecticut

Linda Miller 
Evaluation and Assessment Librarian 
Cornell University

John Cocklin
Chair, Assessment Committee
Dartmouth College

Susan Brynteson 
Director of Libraries 
University of Delaware

Ann Elsner 
Director, Administrative Services 
Duke University

Susan Beaver Bailey 
Coordinator, Library Assessment 
Emory University

Michele Crump
Interim Director, Technical Services 
University of Florida

Rachel Besara and Kirsten Kinsley
Assessment Librarians
Florida State University

Alicia Miller 
Manager, GLS Organization Development, Strategic Planning & Systems Training 
George Washington University

Stephanie Clark
Director of Planning and Assessment
Georgetown University

Kristin Nielsen
Interim Head, Reference Department
University of Georgia

Ameet Doshi
Assessment Coordinator
Georgia Institute of Technology

Ron Ward
Manager, Evaluation and Analysis
University of Guelph

Sarah Tudesco
Organizational Performance Reporting & Assessment Librarian
Harvard University

Kim Nakano
Interim Assistant University Librarian
University of Hawaii

Damon Camille 
Training, Assessment, and Statistics Coordinator 
University of Houston

Howard Dodson, Jr.
Director of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center and Howard University Library System
Howard University

Jay H. Lambrecht 
Interim Associate University Librarian 
University of Illinois at Chicago 

Susan Searing
Interim Associate University Librarian for User Services 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Amy Cope
Director of Administrative Services
Indiana University

Carlette Washington-Hoagland 
Coordinator of Assessment and Staff Development 
University of Iowa 

Jodi Hilleman
Administrative Specialist, Library Dean's Office 
Iowa State University

Kenneth Flower 
Associate Director for Administrative Services 
Johns Hopkins University

Kent Miller 
Serials Department / Retrieval Services 
University of Kansas

Tom Klingler 
Assistant Dean for Technical Services 
Kent State University

Judy Wiza 
Assessment Coordinator 
University of Kentucky

Charles Bérubé
Interim Director 
Université Laval

Joseph Puccio
Assistant to the Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access 
Library of Congress

Dawn Zaske
Coordinator, Personnel Services
Louisiana State University

Melissa A. Laning
Associate Dean, Assessment, Personnel & Research
University of Louisville

Karen Adams
Director of Libraries
University of Manitoba

Andrea D. Norris
Coordinator, Dean's Office
University of Maryland

Rachel Lewellen
Assessment Librarian
University of Massachusetts

Rebecca Bisbee
Assistant to the Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lori Kloda
Assessment Librarian
McGill University

Kathy Ball
Director of Assessment and Accountability
McMaster University

Yolanda Cooper
Deputy University Librarian
Univerity of Miami

Helen Look
Collection Analyst
University of Michigan

Birdie Beckwith
Executive Staff Assistant
Michigan State University

Cathy Tweedie
Assistant to the University Librarian
University of Minnesota

Ellen L. Blair
Fiscal Officer
University of Missouri

Maryse Legault
Adjointe au directeur général
Université de Montréal

Chris Cole
Manager of Business Development
National Agricultural Library

David McMillen
Partnerships Director
National Archives and Records Administration

Joyce E.B. Backus
Deputy Associate Director, Library Operations
National Library of Medicine

Christine Mattson
Planning & Performance Officer
National Research Council Canada, Knowledge Management

Ted Naylor
Assistant Professor of Practice & Special Projects Librarian
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mark Emmons
Planning and Assessment Officer
University of New Mexico

Jason Baumann
Special Assistant to the Director for Programs
New York Public Library

Loretta Ebert
Research Library Director
New York State Library

Ann Harding
Executive Assistant to the Dean of Libraries
New York University

Judith Panitch
Director of Library Communications
University of North Carolina

Kathy Brown
Assistant Director for Planning and Research
North Carolina State University

Marianne Ryan
AUL for Public Services
Northwestern University

Cynthia Harris
Senior Accounting Specialist
University of Notre Dame

Quanetta Batts
Executive Assistant
Ohio State University

Kate Mason
Assistant to the Dean
Ohio University

Debra Engel
Director, Public Services
University of Oklahoma

Karen Neurohr
Assessment, New Student & Community Outreach
Oklahoma State University

Sheila Gray
Executive Assistant
University of Oregon

Elizabeth Hayden
Assessment Librarian
University of Ottawa

Mindy Weinberg
Communications Liaison
University of Pennsylvania

Sandy Confer
Administrative Support Coordinator
Pennsylvania State University

Fern Brody
Associate University Librarian
University of Pittsburgh

Marvin Bielawski
Interim Deputy University Librarian
Princeton University

Nancy S. Hewison
Director of Administrative Services
Purdue University

Laurie Scott
Library Assessment Specialist
Queen's University

Kerry Keck
Assistant University Librarian, Collections
Rice University

Mary Ann Mavrinac
Vice Provost
University of Rochester

Janie Fultz
Assistant to the University Librarian
Rutgers University

Ken Ladd
Associate Director
University of Saskatchewan

Kathleen Hill
Administrative Officer
Smithsonian Institution

Mary C. Horton
Director of Administrative Services
University of South Carolina

Brian Harlan
Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Center Chair
University of Southern California

Teri Stobbs Ricci
Personnel Coordinator
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Mary Casserly
Dean and Director of the University Libraries
University at Albany, State University of New York

Kathleen O'Brien
Data & Assessment Officer
University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Daniel Kinney
Assistant Director of Libraries for Technical Services and Collection Development
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Nancy Turner
Senior Program Officer for Research & Analysis
Syracuse University Library

Jonathan LeBreton
Senior Associate University Librarian
Temple University

Regina Mays
Assistant Professor and Assessment Librarian
University of Tennessee

Meredith Taylor
Project Coordinator
University of Texas

Michael Maciel
Assessment Coordinator
Texas A&M University

Donna Ortega
Manager, Library Business Operations
Texas Tech University

Hisani Clarke
Human Resources Assistant
University of Toronto

Eric Wedig
Chief Bibliographer for Social Sciences, Government Publications, and Jewish Studies
Tulane University

Ann Marie Breznay
Planning and Assessment Officer
University of Utah

Susan Erickson
Interim Director of the Peabody Library
Vanderbilt University

Jim Self
Director, Management Information Services
University of Virginia

Charla Lancaster
Director of Assessment and Library Access Services
Virginia Tech

Steve Hiller
Head, Sciences Libraries/Library Assessment Coordinator
University of Washington

Robert Ferguson
Library Data Officer
Washington State University

Virginia Toliver
Director of Administration & Planning
Washington University, St. Louis

Mark Haslett
University Librarian
University of Waterloo

Paul Beavers
Director, Information Services
Wayne State University

Margaret Martin Gardiner
Assessment Librarian
University of Western Ontario

Nola Walker
Senior Assessment and Public Services Librarian
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Susan Gibbons
University Librarian
Yale University

Christina Pringi
Executive Assistant to the  University Librarian
York University Libraries