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ARL is offering an interactive interface to the ARL Statistics® data to non–ARL member libraries, vendors, and other parties that would like to have access to the ARL Statistics data. The ARL Statistics Interactive Edition is available through

ARL member libraries have access to the interactive interface via the Analytics section of

These products have replaced the Interactive Edition of the ARL Statistics® on the Web that was maintained by the University of Virginia. Data are accessible since 1963. The ARL Statistics Interactive Edition allows users to:

Generate rankings of institutions by selected criteria.

  • Create graphs from the data.
  • Generate summary statistics for all ARL libraries.
  • Download the data by year in spreadsheet format.
  • Review the ARL index and membership criteria.

ARL thanks Karin Wittenborg, Kendon Stubbs, and the University of Virginia (UVa) staff who developed and supported the Interactive Edition of the ARL Statistics on the Web from 1995 to 2010. The UVa ARL Statistics Interactive Edition site was retired on March 15, 2010. We would not have been able to develop the same functionality within ARL without the leadership and support provided by UVa over the years.

Thanks are also due to Colleen Cook and Fred Heath who enabled ARL to support data-curation services like the ARL Statistics Analytics through the technology-infrastructure investments they have supported at ARL with the development of LibQUAL+® services and LibQUAL+® Analytics. LibQUAL+® was developed in partnership with these leaders during their tenure at Texas A&M and continues to thrive with their support and guidance through the LibQUAL+® Steering Committee.

Both ARL Statistics® and LibQUAL+® are now available through a gateway of library services known as StatsQUAL®.