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Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads: A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing

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An Internet Discussion about Scientific and Scholarly Journals and Their Future

Edited by

Ann Shumelda Okerson, Association of Research Libraries
James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania

Published by

Association of Research Libraries, © 1995
ISBN: 0-918006-26-0


A large part of the preliminary and not inconsiderable work of making the ftp archives of the "subversive discussion" was done by Colleen Wirth, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University, Princeton NJ 08540 ( Wirth is also one of the Assistant Editors of Psycoloquy, the Internet peer-reviewed journal edited by Stevan Harnad. The book originated from the ftp archives.

The glossary was prepared by Ethan Starr, a graduate student at the Catholic University of America.


A PDF version of this book is also available below.