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Engaging Changing Users

Research-Intensive Teaching and Learning

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Promoting and facilitating new library roles in enhanced environments for teaching and learning is a strategic priority for ARL and its members. Early in 2006 a Task Force on Library Roles in Enhanced Environments for Teaching and Learning was formed to advise on a strategic agenda for ARL within this broad arena. Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester, served as Visiting Program Officer to assist the task force in advancing its agenda.

Articles & Reports


Tools & Resources


SP309 Library Support for Study Abroad, December 2008 [PDF]

SP308 Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services, November 2008 [PDF]

SP287 Instructional Improvement Programs, August 2005 [PDF]

SP286 Collaboration for Distance Learning Information Literacy Instruction, July 2005 [PDF]

SP279 Evaluating Library Instruction, December 2003 [PDF]

Statistics & Assessment

ARL collects statistics on many member activities related to teaching and learning through the ARL statistics and LibQUAL+® programs.

ARL's Library Assessment Conference also addresses a range of issues relating to teaching and learning.

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