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Research Library Virtual Resources & Instructional Initiatives: 2008 Survey Results

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Respondents to a survey conducted by ARL during the late winter and early spring of 2008 described a widely varied landscape of instruction initiatives. The survey invited all ARL libraries to describe innovative and noteworthy experiments in three areas: instruction programs, virtual resource development, and space initiatives. Of the 123 member libraries, 77 participated in the survey, for a response rate of 63%. Responses to the first two elements of the survey (instruction and virtual resource development) are reported here; responses to the third element, space initiatives, will be reported separately.

The initiatives described by survey respondents are organized here (1) by subtopics that emerged in the responses and (2) alphabetically by institution. Please note that key-word searching can be applied to the PDF of the complete survey results. A summary of these initiatives is also available as "Virtual Resources & Instructional Initiatives: Snapshots of Library Experiments," by Crit Stuart, in ARL: A Bimonthly Report, no. 261 (Dec. 2008): 5-8,