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Guide for Research Libraries: The NSF Data Sharing Policy

Resources for Data Management Planning

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This section provides some resources for addressing the NSF requirement for DMPs. It includes references to examples, data management tools, and data repositories. Please note: As data are unique, and tools for collection, storage, and analysis are technically evolving, the requirements for specific data sets will be, as NSF states, "determined by the community of interest and subject to the process of peer review and program management” within the NSF. NSF program directors are to act as consultants to help researchers best determine what constitutes an adequate data plan including giving data archive referrals.

Research Library Websites on Data Management Planning

ARL member libraries with structured comprehensive data management plans:

Resources about Developing DMPs:

NSF Guidance on Specific Data Management Plans

Certain directorates within the NSF, however, provide explicit guidelines and advice on forming data management plans. As of November 2010 these directorates are the following:

Additional guidance may be found at “Data Management & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” on the NSF website.

Data Curation, Digital Curation, and Data Archive Resources (U.S. and International)

Data Repositories

Tools for DMPs and Assessing Research Data Needs

Authors: Patricia Hswe and Ann Holt