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Guide for Research Libraries: The NSF Data Sharing Policy

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Authors: Patricia Hswe and Ann Holt


In Spring 2010, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced that it would alter its data sharing policy to require data management plans (DMPs) in future grant proposals to the agency. The Association for Research Libraries has developed this guide primarily for librarians, to help them make sense of the new NSF requirement. It provides the context for, and an explanation of, the policy change and its ramifications for the grant-writing process. It investigates the role of libraries in data management planning, offering guidance in helping researchers meet the NSF requirement. In addition, the guide provides a resources page, where examples of responses from ARL libraries may be found, as well as guides for data management planning created by various NSF directorates and approaches to the topic created by international data archive and curation centers.

Current NSF Guide to Grant Applications (effective January 18, 2011)

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The guide’s authors are actively seeking information on additional resources libraries are creating. The Google Group, ARL Data Sharing Support Group, has been established as a contact point for librarians interested in sharing and exchanging information on their efforts to advance and support researchers creating data management and sharing plans. Join the group.