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2009 E-Science Survey

E-Science Survey Resource Page

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During the late summer of 2009, ARL surveyed its members to gather data about the state of e-science support offered by the library and the broader institution. Early findings were reported at a briefing session at the October 2009 ARL Membership Meeting. Collected here are the rich variety of resources provided as part of the survey responses.

Institution-Wide Planning

Library E-Science Engagement

Institution-Wide Planning

Campus Groups and Units Planning for E-Science and Cyberinfrastructure

Units Designated to Provide Data Curation Support for Scientific Research Data

Institutional Assessments of Data Resources and Needs

Central Data Centers or Distributed Data Centers for Research

Publications Related to Cyberinfrastruture

Library E-Science Engagement

Examples of Program Web Sites

Reports, Policies, and Planning Documents

Resource Pages for Researchers

Library-Managed Data Collections

Sample Position Descriptions

Grant-Funded E-Science Projects Involving the Library