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Lee Anne George
Research Library Issues (RLI)

Research Library Issues, no. 265 (August 2009)

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A Special Issue on Liaison Librarian Roles

Table of Contents

Introduction: Positioning Liaison Librarians for the 21st Century
Karla Hahn, Assistant Executive Director, Research, Teaching, and Learning, ARL

A Framework for Articulating New Library Roles
Karen Williams, Associate University Librarian for Academic Programs, University of Minnesota Libraries

Amplifying the Educational Role of Librarians
Elizabeth A. Dupuis, Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives and Director of the Doe/Moffitt Libraries, University of California, Berkeley

The Last Mile: The Liaison Role in Curating Science and Engineering Research Data
Tracy Gabridge, Co-Head, Engineering and Science Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Scholarly Communications: Planning for the Integration of Liaison Librarian Roles
Joy Kirchner, Librarian for Collections, Licensing and Digital Scholarship, University of British Columbia Library

New Roles of Liaison Librarians: A Liaison’s Perspective
Kara M. Whatley, Life Sciences Librarian and Head of the Coles Science Center, New York University