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Proceedings of the 144th Membership Meeting

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Systemic Change in Research Institutions

Tucson, Arizona
May 12-14, 2004

Sarah Thomas, Cornell University
ARL President, presiding

Introduction and Summary

Program Session I

Rethinking the Undergraduate Curriculum

Rethinking the Undergraduate Curriculum: It Takes a Village...
Christina Maslach, University of California, Berkeley
Patty Iannuzzi, University of California, Berkeley
[Web presentation] [PowerPoint presentation]

Note: This presentation contains seven short videos that will not play when viewed from this Web page because the ARL server does not currently have the ability to stream video. Please see the UC Berkeley Mellon Faculty Institute on Undergraduate Research Web site to view the videos used in this presentation:

Free RealPlayer software for viewing these videos is available at

  • Slide 11, Elizabeth Honig, Art History Fellow, on the institute's impact on the fellows
  • Slide 17, Ingrid Seyer Ochi, Education Fellow, on influencing curricular changes
  • Slide 19, Ingrid Seyer Ochi, Education Fellow, on research as critical thinking
  • Slide 20, Victoria Robinson, Ethnic Studies Fellow, testimonial
  • Slide 21, Elizabeth Honig, Art History Fellow, on course applications
  • Slide 22, Sasha Doppelt, American Studies Undergraduate, on the value of research
  • Slide 23, Ruth Tringham, Anthropology Fellow, testimonial

The accompanying handouts are also available on the UC Berkeley Web site:

Program Session II

Transformation of Campus-wide Support Services

Dealing with the Future Now: Principles for Creating a Vital Campus in a Climate of Restricted Resources
Alan E. Guskin, Antioch University and Project on the Future of Higher Education
[Web presentation] [PowerPoint presentation]

Access restricted to ARL member representatives. E-mail Dru Mogge to request login information.

Program Session III

A Response to Systemic Changes

Ithaka: An Introduction
Kevin Guthrie, Ithaka
[Web presentation] [PowerPoint presentation]

See also Kevin Guthrie, "An Introduction to Ithaka," ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC, no. 236 (October 2004): 1-5.

Program Session IV

Promotion & Tenure Trends

Book Publication as the Gold Standard for Tenure & Promotion
Leigh Estabrook, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
[Web presentation] [PowerPoint presentation]

Program Session V

Organizational and Technological Interoperability

Bridging Gaps between Information and Learning Environments
Neil McLean, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
[Web presentation] [PowerPoint presentation]

See also, Neil McLean and Clifford Lynch, "Interoperability between Library Information Services and Learning Environments--Bridging the Gaps: A Joint White Paper on behalf of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Coalition for Networked Information" (Burlington, MA: IMS Global Learning Consortium, May 2004).

Federal Relations Luncheon Program

Discussion of Plan for Retrodigitization of Government Document Collections
Ken Frazier, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ARL Business Meeting

Appendix 1

Association of Research Libraries, Coalition for Networked Information, Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 31, 2003, with Summarized Financial Information for 2002 [PDF]

Appendix 2

Attendance List [PDF]