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Proceedings of the 158th ARL Membership Meeting

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158th ARL Membership Meeting
Jointly held with Canadian Association of Research Libraries
May 4–6, 2011
Montréal, Québec
Twitter hashtag: #ARL11spring

Transcending National Borders

Welcoming Remarks

Carol A. Mandel, New York University, and ARL President

Ernie Ingles, University of Alberta, and CARL President

Session audio [MP3 1 hr.]

International STM Journal Market

Convener: Carole Moore, University of Toronto (Bio)


Ted Bergstrom, University of California, Santa Barbara (Bio)

Claudio Aspesi, Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. (Bio)

William (Bill) J. Cook, American Geophysical Union (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 1 hr.]

Bergstrom slides [PDF]

Aspesi slides [PDF]

Cook slides [PDF]

National Memory Organizations
Their Role in the Digital Information Environment

Convener: Carol A. Mandel, New York University (Bio)


Guy Berthiaume, Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ) (Bio)

Debra Steidel Wall, National Archives and Records Administration (Bio)

Daniel J. Caron, Library and Archives Canada (Bio)

Deanna Marcum, Library of Congress (Bio)

Audio from this session is not available due to technical problems during recording.

Berthiaume slides [PDF]

Steidel Wall text [PDF]

Caron slides [PDF]

Berlin 9 Open Access Conference

Convener: David Carlson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Bio)

Speaker: Dieter Stein, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 34 min.]

Stein slides [PDF]

Berlin 9 Open Access Conference website

Developments in International Copyright

Convener: Winston Tabb, Johns Hopkins University (Bio)


Jonathan Band, PLLC, Technology Law and Policy (Bio)

Justin Hughes, Cardozo School of Law (Bio)

Paul Whitney, Vancouver City Library (Retired) (Bio)

Audio from this session is not available due to technical problems during recording.

Band slides [PDF]

Hughes slides [PDF]

Ahead of the Storm: Research Libraries and the Future of the Research University

Convener: Ernie Ingles, University of Alberta (Bio)

Speaker: Heather Munroe-Blum, McGill University (Bio)

Audio from this session is not available due to technical problems during recording.

Munroe-Blum text, in Research Library Issues (Sept. 2011) [PDF]

Concurrent Sessions

New and Emerging Collaborations in the Federal Depository Library Program

Convener: Judith C. Russell, University of Florida (Bio)


Judith C. Russell, University of Florida (Bio)

Wendy Pradt Lougee, University of Minnesota (Bio)

John Wilkin, University of Michigan (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 44 min.]

Russell slides [PDF]

Lougee slides [PDF]

Wilkin slides [PDF]

Organizational Change Using ClimateQUAL®

Convener: Brinley Franklin, University of Connecticut (Bio)


Martha Kyrillidou, ARL (Bio)

Sarah M. Pritchard, Northwestern University (Bio)

Sandra Yee, Wayne State University (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 44 min.]

Kyrillidou slides [PDF]

Pritchard slide [PDF]

Pritchard handout [PDF]

Shared Print Repositories—Planning and Implementation Phases

Convener: Thomas C. Leonard, University of California, Berkeley (Bio)


Brenda L. Johnson, Indiana University (Bio)

Deborah Jakubs, Duke University (Bio)

Brian E. C. Schottlaender, University of California, San Diego (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 45 min.]

Johnson slides [PDF]

Schottlaender slides [PDF]

Legal Issues in Building 21st-Century Special Collections

Convener: Anne Kenney, Cornell University (Bio)


William J. Maher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Bio)

Kevin Smith, Duke University (Bio)

Hope O'Keeffe, Library of Congress (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 1 hr.]

Maher slides [PDF]

Smith slides [PDF]

O'Keeffe slides [PDF]

Topical Briefing Sessions

Data Policies: Emerging Policies and New Activities in Canada and the US

Convener: Karen Adams, University of Manitoba (Bio)


Pam Bjornson, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (Bio)

Prudence S. Adler, ARL (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 40 min.]

Bjornson slides [PDF]

Adler slides [PDF]

Strategic Partnerships to Reshape Scholarly Communication

Convener: Carole Moore, University of Toronto (Bio)


Jeffrey L. Horrell, Dartmouth College (Bio)

Richard Brown, Georgetown University Press, and AAUP (Bio)

Martha Whitehead, Queen’s University (Bio)

H. Thomas Hickerson, University of Calgary (Bio)

Session audio [MP3 42 min.]

ARL Business Meeting

Business meeting reports are restricted to ARL member representatives only; ARL members-only login required.

ARL Financial Strategies Overview, 2010–2011

Attendance List