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Proceedings of the 149th ARL Membership Meeting

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Washington, DC
October 18–19, 2006

Program Session I

Profiling Research Libraries: Steps Toward Understanding Their Contributions to Research, Teaching, and Learning

Library Activities Descriptions/Statistics: Alternatives to the ARL Logarithmic Index

Bruce Thompson, Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology, CEHD Distinguished Research Fellow, and Distinguished Professor of Library Science
Texas A&M University
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Author's background paper [PDF]

Research Libraries as Knowledge Producers: A Shifting Context for Policy and Funding

Yvonna Lincoln, Ruth Harrington Chair of Educational Administration and Distinguished Professor of Higher Education
Texas A&M University
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Author's background paper [PDF]

Program Session II

The NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure Initiatives with Research Libraries

The NSF CI Vision and Related Activities

Dan Atkins, Director, NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure

NSF: Enabling the Nation's Future through Discovery, Learning, and Innovation

Chris Greer, Program Director, Office of Cyberinfrastructure
Cyberinfrastructure Advisor, Office of the Assistant Director for Biological Sciences
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Update on E-Science Task Force

Wendy Lougee, University of Minnesota
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ARL Workshop on New Collaborative Relationships: The Role of Academic Libraries in the Digital Data Universe

Prue Adler, ARL
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Program Session III

Faculty Assessment of New Publishing Models

Theoretical Economics and the State of Scholarly Publishing in Economics

Martin Osborne, Professor, Department of Economics
University of Toronto

Rob Kirby, Professor of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

Medieval Philosophy and Theology

Scott MacDonald, Professor of Philosophy and Norma K. Regan Professor in Christian Studies
Cornell University
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Concurrent Discussion Sessions

The North American Storage Trust

Paul Gherman, Vanderbilt University
Chip Nilges, Vice President, New Services, OCLC
Bernard Reilly, Center for Research Libraries

Cooperative Collection Management Survey

Chip Nilges
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Strategies for Leadership Development Needs in Research Libraries

Jennifer Younger, Notre Dame University and Chair
ARL Task Force on Leadership Development

ARL Strategic Directions Steering Committee Topical Briefings

Scholarly Communication

The Influence of Academic Values on Scholarly Publication and Communication Practices

Diane Harley, Senior Researcher, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley
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Public Policies

Google Library Project: Copyright Issues

Jonathan Band, Legal Counsel to the Library Copyright Alliance
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Library Roles in Research, Teaching, and Learning

Teaching and Learning Programs in Research Libraries

William D. Walker, Librarian, University of Miami

Special Program Celebrating the Coming Together of OCLC and RLG

OCLC and RLG—A Celebration with ARL

James Michalko, Former President, RLG
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ARL Business Meeting

Brian E. C. Schottlaender, ARL President, Presiding


Attendance List [PDF]