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Membership Meeting Proceedings

Proceedings of the 141st ARL Membership Meeting

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Washington, DC
October 16-17, 2002

Introduction and Summary [PDF]

Photos from the Membership Meeting

Program Session I: ARL's 70th Anniversary Celebration

Welcome and Introduction of New Directors

Paula Kaufman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ARL President

The End of History? Reflections on a Decade [PDF]

Bill Crowe, University of Kansas

ARL Directorships in Transition

Jim Neal, Columbia University

Turnover Trends: ARL Library Directors, 1948-2002

Program Session II: Emerging Digital Preservation Strategies

Convener: Nancy Gwinn, Smithsonian Institution

The Harvard E-Journal Archiving Study

Dale Flecker, Harvard University

Challenges of Building a Trusted Electronic Archive: A Proposed Organizational Approach

Kevin Guthrie, JSTOR

Program Session III: Universities in the Digital Age

Convener: Ann Wolpert, Director of Libraries, MIT

Strategies to Disturb the Educational Universe

Chuck Vest, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Digits, Documents and Dissemination: Opportunity and Challenge

Federal Relations Lunch Program

Convener: Lance Query, Tulane University

Digital Rights Management Issues

Fred (Rick) W. Weingarten, Director, Office for Information Technology Policy, American Library Association

DRM and Copyright: "Code" and the Public Interest at the Crossroads

Concurrent Discussion Sessions

Future Needs for Cyber Infrastructure
Recommendations of the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel

Convener: Marianne Gaunt, Rutgers University
Presenter: Dan Atkins, University of Michigan

ARL Input for the ACRL Task Force on the Future

Convener: Shirley Baker, Washington University in St. Louis

Building an Affordable E-Journal Archive and Preservation System: LOCKSS

Convener: Nancy Gwinn, Smithsonian Institution
Presenter: Vicky Reich, Stanford University

ARL Business Meeting

The AAU/ARL Global Resources Program Phase II: Discussion Document on Goals, Priorities, Operating Principles, Budget Requirements, and Desired Outcomes [PDF]