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Proceedings of the 138th ARL Membership Meeting

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138 mm cover

Creating the Digital Future

Toronto, Ontario
May 23–25, 2001
Shirley K. Baker, Presiding

Table of Contents


Update on the Canadian National Licensing Project
Deb deBruijn, Executive Director, CNSLP

Program Session I
The 21st Century Research Community

Elaine Sloan, University Librarian, Columbia University Libraries

Changing Relationships Among Scholarly Communication Players:
Electronic Publishing Initiatives at Columbia University

Kate Wittenberg, Director, Electronic Publishing Initiative Center, Columbia University Press

Program Session II
Research Libraries21

Research Libraries21
Plenary & Small Group Discussions

  • Managing IT as a Strategic Asset

  • Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Human Resources

  • Defining an Institutional Strategy for Digital Preservation

  • Redefining Intellectual Access and Expanding the Boundaries of Collections for Library Users


Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information

Discussion Leaders:

William Gosling, Director, University of Michigan University Library
Ernie Ingles, Associate Vice President (Learning Systems), University of Alberta
Carol Mandel, Dean of Libraries, New York University
Ann Wolpert, Director of Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Federal Relations Luncheon Program
Legislative Update

Sharon Hogan, Chair, ARL Information Policies Committee

Distance Education
Marnie Swanson, University Librarian, University of Victoria
Sharon Hogan, University of Illinois at Chicago

LC Report
Winston Tabb, Associate Librarian, Library Services, Library of Congress

NLC Report
Roch Carrier, National Librarian, National Library of Canada

Program Session III
Born-Digital Scholarly Resources

Sarah Thomas, Chair, ARL Access Committee

Incorporating Multimedia Into Research Library Programs
Brewster Kahle, Executive Director, Internet Archive

The Changing Nature of Born-Digital Research Resources and Their Use for Teaching
William Thomas, Director, Virginia Center for Digital History, University of Virginia

Program Session IV
A Scholar's Response

Marianne Gaunt, Chair, ARL Scholarly Communication Committee

In Oldenburg's Long Shadow
Jean-Claude Guèdon, Professor of Comparative Literature, Université de Montréal

Program Session V
Scholarly Communication in the Biosciences

James Williams, Member, BioOne Board of Directors

Transforming Scholarly Communication in the Biosciences
Heather Joseph, Chief Operating Officer, BioOne

The International Dimension: BioLine
Warren Holder, Electronic Services Coordinator, University of Toronto Libraries


I. Association Business Meeting

President's Report
Shriley K. Baker, Washington University, St. Louis, ARL President

Member Representative Vote to Invite the Université de Montréal as an ARL Member Library

Report of the Scholarly Communications Committee
Marianne Gaunt, Chair

Report of the Preservation Committee
Nancy Gwinn, Smithsonian

Report of the Scholars Portal Working Group
Brian Schottlaender, University of California, San Diego

Survey of Membership for ARL Program Review
Jaia Barrett, Deputy Executive Director, ARL

ARL Bylaws Vote

Report of the Executive Director
Given by Jaia Barrett, Deputy Executive Director, ARL
(in lieu of Duane E. Webster, ARL Executive Director)

II. Association of Research Libraries, Coalition for Networked Information, Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 31, 2000 with Summarized Financial Information for 1999 (PDF)

III. Attendance List