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Proceedings of the 124th ARL Membership Meeting

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The Research Library the Day After Tomorrow

Austin, Texas
May 18-20, 1994
John Black, presiding


Review of 1993

Program Session I

Pedagogy in a Multimedia Age


Robert Berdahl, University of Texas

Teaching Physics as a Second Language

Jack M. Wilson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Hitchhikers' Guide to the Supreme Court

Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University

Program Session II

Scholars and Researchers Panel


Gloria Werner, Convener, University of California at Los Angeles

Beyond Stacks: Navigating the Library Without Walls

Catherine C. Marshall, Xerox PARC

The Economics of Attention

Richard A. Lanham, University of California at Los Angeles

Where Are We Going and When Did We Get There?

James O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania

Program Session III

Professional Perspectives


James F. Williams II, Convener, University of Colorado

A Public Library Perspective

Eleanor Jo Rodger, Urban Libraries Council

A Special Library Perspective

Miriam Drake, Georgia Institute of Technology

A Library Educator's Perspective

Dan Atkins, University of Michigan

Program Session IV

ARL Library Showcases

CWIS Discussion

Panel Discussion

David Stam, Convener, Syracuse University
James O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania
Prentiss Riddle, Rice University

Program Session V

AAU Research Libraries Project

Introduction/Project Steering Committee

Millicent Abell, Convener, Yale University
Myles Brand, University of Oregon

Foreign Acquisitions Task Force

Dorothy Gregor, University of California at Berkeley

Task Force on Scientific and Technical Information

Richard West, California State University System

Intellectual Property Task Force

Peter Nathan, University of Iowa

AAU Research Libraries Project

Presidential Panel

Panel Discussion

Myles Brand, University of Oregon
Robert Berdahl, University of Texas
Richard Ekman, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Business Meeting

President's Report

John Black, ARL President, University of Guelph

Report from the Ad Hoc Working Group on Copyright Issues

James Neal, Indiana University

Access Committee Report and Discussion

Nancy Eaton, Iowa State University

Information Access & Delivery Services: A Strategic Direction for Research Libraries

Report of the Executive Director

Duane E. Webster, ARL Executive Director