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Fall Forum Proceedings

Library Workforce for 21st-Century Research Libraries, October 2012

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Textured Bokeh, by Will Montague (ARL Fall Forum 2012)
Textured bokeh
image © Will Montague

Proceedings of the ARL Fall Forum
October 11–12, 2012
Washington, DC
Twitter hashtag: #ARLforum12

Welcoming Remarks

Wendy Pradt Lougee, University of Minnesota and ARL President [bio]

Carton Rogers, University of Pennsylvania and Chair of the ARL Transforming Research Libraries Steering Committee [bio]

Impact of Demographic Trends on Library Services

Convener: Joan Giesecke, University of Nebraska–Lincoln [bio]


Jorge Schement, Rutgers University [bio]

Kathleen De Long, University of Alberta [bio]


Giesecke slides [PDF]

Schement slides [PDF]

De Long slides [PDF]

Staffing Priorities for Workforce Transformation

Convener:Anne Kenney, Cornell University [bio]

21st-Century Research Libraries Workforce Transformation Case Studies


Jon Cawthorne, Boston College [bio]

Vivian Lewis, McMaster University [bio]

Xuemao Wang, University of Cincinnati [bio]

Slides: Cawthorne, Lewis, Wang slides [PDF]

Staffing for the Future: ARL University Library Hiring in 2011

Speaker: Tito Sierra, MIT [bio]

Slides: Sierra slides on

Changing the Collective Mindset

Convener: Susan Gibbons, Yale University [bio]

Speaker: John Seely Brown, University of Southern California [bio]

Slides: Brown slides [PDF]

Organizational Strategies for Deep Change

Convener: Louis A. Pitschmann, University of Alabama [bio]


Gary E. Strong, University of California, Los Angeles [bio]

Jill Mierke, University of Saskatchewan [bio]


Strong slides [PDF]

Mierke slides [PDF]

New Roles for the 21st Century

Convener: James G. Neal, Columbia University


T-Kay (Tiffany-Kay) Sangwand, University of Texas at Austin [bio]

Lisa Federer, University of California, Los Angeles [bio]

Elizabeth Liddy, Syracuse University [bio]

Ronald Larsen, University of Pittsburgh [bio]


Sangwand slides on

Federer slides [PDF]

Liddy slides [PDF]

Larsen slides [PDF]

Wrap-Up and Summary

Wendy Pradt Lougee, University of Minnesota and ARL President [bio]