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Fall Forum Proceedings

21st-Century Collections and the Urgency of Collaborative Action, October 2011

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Proceedings of the ARL-CNI Fall Forum
October 13–14, 2011
Washington, DC
Twitter hashtag: #ARLCNI11


Association of Research Libraries
Coalition for Networked Information

Welcoming Remarks

Winston Tabb, Johns Hopkins University Libraries and ARL President [bio]

Carton Rogers, University of Pennsylvania and Chair of the ARL Transforming Research Libraries Steering Committee [bio]

Session audio:

The World According to American Social Science

Convener: Deborah Jakubs, Duke University [bio]

Speaker: Charles Kurzman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [bio]


Kurzman slides [PDF]

Session audio:

Shaking Up the “Norm” in Collections

Convener: Jay Schafer, University of Massachusetts Amherst [bio]


David Magier, Princeton University [bio]

Ivy Anderson, California Digital Library, University of California [bio]

Rick Anderson, University of Utah [bio]

Richard E. (Rick) Luce, Emory University [bio]


Magier slides [PDF]

Ivy Anderson slides [PDF]

Rick Anderson slides [PDF]

Luce slides [PDF]

Session audio:

Scholarship and Scholarly Resources in the 21st Century

Convener: Thomas C. Leonard, University of California, Berkeley [bio]

Speaker: Paul Duguid, University of California, Berkeley [bio]


Duguid slides [PDF]

Session audio:

Focus on Innovations

Convener: Richard E. (Rick) Luce, Emory University [bio]


Trevor Owens, NDIIPP, Library of Congress [bio]

Nicole Saylor, University of Iowa [bio]

Martha Anderson, NDIIPP, Library of Congress [bio]

Greg Raschke, North Carolina State University [bio]


Owens slides [PDF]

Saylor slides [PDF]

Martha Anderson slides [PDF]

Raschke slides [PDF]

Raschke slides also available on SlideShare

Session audio:

Rebalancing the Investment in Collections

Convener: Anne R. Kenney, Cornell University [bio]


H. Thomas Hickerson, University of Calgary [bio]

John V. Lombardi, Louisiana State University System [bio]

Session audio:

Closing Remarks

Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information [bio]

Session audio: