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Fall Forum Proceedings

Achieving Strategic Change in Research Libraries, October 2010

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Proceedings of the ARL-CNI Fall Forum
October 14–15, 2010
Washington, DC
Twitter hashtag: #ARLCNI10


Association of Research Libraries
Coalition for Networked Information

Welcoming Remarks

Carol Mandel, New York University Libraries and ARL President

The Future of Research Libraries

David E. Shulenburger, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities

Session audio [MP3 46min]

Library Leadership and the Courage to Learn: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Convener: Joyce Garnett, University of Western Ontario Libraries

Speaker: Joan Gallos, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Session audio [MP3 1hr 14min]

Gallos slides [PDF]

Models for Strategic Change and Managing Resources—Part I
Concurrent Sessions

2CUL: A Transformative Research Library Partnership

Convener: Jay Schafer, University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries


James G. Neal, Columbia University Libraries

Anne Kenney, Cornell University Library

Session audio [MP3 54min]

Kenney slides [PDF] Neal slides [PDF]

Organizational Change for a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem: Building the Yale Digital Commons (through Collaboration)

Convener: Joyce Ogburn, University of Utah Library

Speaker: Meg Bellinger, Yale University

Session audio [MP3 57min]

Bellinger slides [PDF]

Introducing the ARL 2030 Scenarios: A User’s Guide for Research Libraries

Convener: Vicki Williamson, University of Saskatchewan Library

Speaker: Susan Stickley, Stratus Inc. and Consultant for ARL

Session audio [MP3 1hr 10min]

Stickley slides [PDF]

Models for Strategic Change and Managing Resources—Part II
Concurrent Sessions

Cloud Sourcing Research Collections

Convener: Patricia Steele, University of Maryland Libraries


Constance Malpas, OCLC Research

John Wilkin, University of Michigan Library and HathiTrust

Session audio [MP3 58min]

Malpas slides [PDF] Wilkin slides [PDF]

The Balanced Scorecard: A Framework for Strategic Change

Convener: Jim Self, University of Virginia Library


Diane Walker, University of Virginia Library

Jim Self, University of Virginia Library

Donna Tolson, University of Virginia Library

Steve Hiller, University of Washington Libraries

Vivian Lewis, McMaster University Libraries

Liz Mengel, Johns Hopkins University Libraries

Session audio [MP3 42min]

Strategic Collaborations: Playing to Our Strengths

Convener: Artemis Kirk, Georgetown University Library


Pamela Bradigan, Ohio State University Libraries

Lynda Hartel, Ohio State University Libraries

Session audio [MP3 1hr 2min]

Bradigan/Hartel slides [PDF]

Models for Organizational Realignment

Convener: Ernie Ingles, University of Alberta Libraries


David Ferriero, National Archives and Records Administration

Vivan Lewis, McMaster University Libraries

Carla Stoffle, University of Arizona Libraries

Session audio [MP3 1hr 3min]

Lewis slides [PDF] Stoffle slides [PDF]