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Lee Anne George
ARL: A Bimonthly Report

ARL: A Bimonthly Report, no. 225 (December 2002)

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Special Issue:
Collections & Access for the 21st-Century Scholar:
Changing Roles of Research Libraries [PDF]

A Report from the ARL Collections & Access Issues Task Force


Introduction and Environmental Trends

  • Transformation of the Research Institution
  • Changing Patterns of Information Use
  • Library Responses in a Fluid Environment

What New Approaches Are Research Libraries Taking?

  • Expanding E-Resources and Redefining Collections
  • Expanding E-Services & Tools to Enhance User Access
  • Reconfiguring Library Space to Support Learning and Research
  • Emphasizing Instructional Technology Services and Information Literacy
  • Making Organizational Changes within the Library to Innovate and Improve Services
  • Assuming Institution-Wide Leadership
  • Looking for Opportunities to De-Emphasize Activities

Innovation and Change: What Are the Influencing Factors?

  • Does Size Matter?
  • Willingness to Collaborate & the Kind of Consortia in Place
  • Willingness and Ability to Share Control
  • Opportunities to Leverage Strengths of Space and Human Talent
  • Extent of Institutional Readiness for Change
  • Readiness of People to Work in Different Cultures
  • Strategies for Preserving Digital Content
  • Willingness to Take Risks

Conclusions & Recommendations for the ARL Agenda