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Association of Research Libraries (ARL®)

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ARL Mailing List

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The Association of Research Libraries grants permission to outside organizations, institutions, or individuals to use its membership list. There are 125 member libraries on the list.


The ARL mailing list is available on Avery labels or in electronic format.

The labels are pressure-sensitive and are delivered two-up, ten per page. Mailing labels are addressed to the name and title of the director of the member library and are in alphabetical order by member library. Substitution for generic positions or departments is possible (e.g., Head, Collection Development, in place of the director name). Mailing labels are to be used one time only and may not be duplicated by the agency using them. E-mail addresses are not available and are not included in the list.


Mailing list orders must be prepaid.

Pricing (effective July 1, 2004)

$15.00 for ARL members (includes UPS ground shipping).
$50.00 for non-ARL members (includes UPS ground shipping).

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Make checks payable to the Association of Research Libraries.

Send order and payment to:

Association of Research Libraries
Attn: Mary Jane Brooks
21 Dupont Circle NW
Washington DC 20036-1118

Please allow two weeks for processing and mailing.