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Sound Savings: Preserving Audio Collections

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Proceedings from the Symposium

July 24-26, 2003

Co-sponsored by:

  • Preservation and Conservation Studies, University of Texas at Austin, School of Information
  • Library of Congress
  • National Recording Preservation Board
  • Association of Research Libraries

Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction from the printed publication (PDF)

Introduction to the Papers

Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, Mark Roosa


Dean Andrew Dillon (School of Information, UT Austin)

Session I: Environmental Overview

Session II: Assessing Preservation Needs

Session III: Setting Priorities and Taking Action

Session IV: Reformatting Issues

Session V: Creating, Preserving and Making Available Digital Sound

Digital Sound Projects

Session VI: Intellectual Property Issues and Sound Recordings

Session VII: Building for the Future

Sound Savings: Bibliography and Resources

Sarah Cunningham