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E-News for ARL Directors

November–December 2011 E-News

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E-News for ARL Directors is a monthly publication highlighting the latest news and developments of interest to research library leaders. News from the ARL community and from the field calls attention to issues of strategic importance.

E-News is a collaboration of ARL program staff, compiled and edited by Charles Lowry, Kaylyn Groves, and Sue Baughman.

ARL Governance & Membership

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ARL, LibQUAL+®, SPARC at ALA Midwinter
January 20–23
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ARL Board Meeting
February 9–10
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SPARC Open Access Meeting
March 11–13
Kansas City, Missouri

Service Quality Evaluation Academy
March 12–16
New Orleans, Louisiana

CNI Membership Meeting
April 2–3
Baltimore, Maryland

ARL Board & Membership Meetings
May 1–4
Chicago, Illinois

ARL Statistics & Assessment at ALA Annual
June 22–25
Anaheim, California

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ARL, SPARC Strategic Actions

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Washington Monument (ARL Membership Meeting, Fall 2011)
Washington Monument
image © Patrick Eozenou


October Membership Meeting and Forum Proceedings Available

Audio and slide presentations of speakers at the October 2011 ARL Membership Meeting and ARL-CNI Fall Forum, "21st-Century Collections and the Urgency of Collaborative Action," are available on the ARL website.

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ARL Board to Convene in Washington, DC, Feb. 2012

The ARL Board of Directors will convene for its 178th meeting February 9–10, 2012, at the ARL office in Washington, DC. For more information about the meeting, contact Sue Baughman.

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LCA Files Comments Seeking Extension of DVD-Ripping Rights

Fellini's 8 1/2 on the projector
"Fellini's 8 ½ on the projector"
image © missy & the universe

The Library Copyright Alliance (LCA)—ALA, ARL, ACRL—filed comments with the US Copyright Office in late November to request an extension of the rule allowing professors and film and media students to copy video content from DVDs for educational uses. The rich filing, compiled by attorney Jonathan Band, is almost entirely devoted to telling the compelling stories of professors and students who have used the rule to support their teaching and create innovative class projects. The rule is part of the Copyright Office’s power to create exemptions for users to access encrypted digital files without violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The Copyright Office approved a similar exemption in its previous proceeding, but must renew each exemption every three years.

Download the Library Copyright Alliance comments. Read an ARL Policy Notes blog post about the comments.

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Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Debate Heats Up; LCA Voices Concerns

The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee held a hearing on November 16 and met again on December 15 and 16 to markup the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The November hearing was heavily weighted in favor of the bill, with four witnesses from organizations supporting the bill and only one witness, an attorney for Google, who raised concerns. SOPA would give the government new powers to block access to foreign websites accused of copyright infringement and give copyright holders new private rights to cut off access to credit card payments and advertising for alleged infringing foreign sites. Another part of the bill would create new felony penalties for streaming infringing video. Technology and Internet companies as well as public interest groups have said the bill could be disastrous for the Internet itself, undermining its openness and giving rights holders sweeping new powers to intimidate websites and their users.

The Library Copyright Alliance (LCA)—ALA, ARL, ACRL—has registered serious concerns with SOPA’s felony provisions in particular, as they could create new liability for libraries at a time when streaming video is itself a hotly contested issue for libraries and vendors. ARL has also joined with broad coalitions to voice concerns about SOPA’s effect on the Internet ecosystem. The bill’s sponsors have indicated its passage is a priority, but that they are open to amendments that might address critics’ concerns. A last-minute re-write of the bill released on December 12 addressed some of the problems with the bill, but left many concerns (including libraries’ worries about streaming video) unanswered. On December 16, the House Judiciary Committee adjourned in the midst of debating the bill. The committee plans to resume markup on December 21.

For more about SOPA’s streaming provisions, read the Library Copyright Alliance letter to the House Judiciary Committee. For more on SOPA’s Internet blocking provisions, read a letter signed by ARL and 12 other public interest organizations. For an overview of the December 15–16 meeting to markup the bill, including the "circus atmosphere" of the debate, see Cecilia Kang's article in the Washington Post.

On December 8, a bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives released a draft bill called the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act, or the OPEN Act, as an alternative to SOPA. Early endorsers of the draft include Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), and Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). The draft was released on a public website along with a tool that allows any visitor to the site to make comments and propose edits to the text. The Library Copyright Alliance sent a letter applauding the transparency of the process by which OPEN was released as well as the shift away from blocking and censorship as modes of copyright enforcement. Read and comment on the OPEN Act online. Download the LCA letter welcoming the draft OPEN Act.

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ARL, Other North American Institutions Endorse Berlin Declaration on Open Access

Berlin 9

On November 1, ARL joined over 300 organizations and institutions to endorse the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. In a letter to Dr. Peter Gruss, President of the Max Planck Society, Winston Tabb, ARL President and Sheridan Dean of University Libraries and Museums at the Johns Hopkins University, wrote, “The Association of Research Libraries has been a longtime and consistent supporter of Open Access and has worked hard to advance its principles internationally. During the October 2011 meeting of the Board of Directors a decision was taken to become a signatory to the Berlin Declaration." Thirty-two additional research institutions, associations, and foundations in the US, Canada, and Mexico also signed the Berlin Declaration before the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference in November. For more details, see the ARL press release or the Berlin 9 website.

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Berlin 9 Open Access Conference Focuses on Sharing Research

The Berlin 9 Open Access Conference, "The Impact of Open Access in Research and Scholarship," convened November 9–10 in Washington, DC—the first time this conference has been held in North America. The 260 high-level researchers, research funders, and open-access advocates who attended focused on the benefits of putting research—in the humanities and social sciences as well as in the sciences—quickly and freely into the hands of scholars, students, innovators, and the general public. Speakers discussed redesigning the system of scholarly publishing, how open access can create new opportunities for business as well as for scholarship, rethinking the scholarly reward system, and the call for researchers to be stronger advocates for change, among other open access issues. The conference was organized by the Max Planck Society, the Marine Biological Laboratory, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, SPARC, the Max Planck Digital Library, and ARL.

For more coverage of the conference, see the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus blog entry written by Jennifer Howard. For more information on Berlin 9, visit the conference website.

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ARL Registers as ORCID Participant

Orcid logo

The ARL Board of Directors supported a recommendation from the ARL Reshaping Scholarly Communication Steering Committee that the Association register to participate in the ORCID initiative. ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) is a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the problem of name ambiguity in scholarly research. The organization brings together universities, funding organizations, societies, publishers, libraries, and corporations from across the globe with the goal of establishing a registry that can be adopted and embraced as the de facto standard by the whole community. For more details, visit the ORCID website.

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ARL, LYRASIS Sign Agreement for Licensing Initiative

On November 18, ARL and LYRASIS signed an agreement designating LYRASIS as an agent to negotiate licenses for online content on behalf of interested ARL member libraries. This is the culmination of an effort that began in 2010 to identify a strategy for ARL to influence the marketplace regarding licensing rights, technical specifications, and business terms to meet the needs of research libraries. For more information, see the ARL press release.

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E-Science Institute Holds Capstone Events

ARL and DLF logos

The first of three ARL/DLF E-Science Institute capstone events took place in Atlanta, Georgia, November 30–December 2. Teams from 22 ARL institutions convened to network with one another and with institute faculty. Building on months of on-campus interviews, data gathering, and analysis, the teams collaborated to create strategic agendas for implementing e-science programs and services at their institutions. The next two capstone events will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on January 9–11, 2012, and in Dallas, Texas on January 25–27, 2012. For more information about the E-Science Institute, visit the institute website.

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ARL, Ithaka S+R Study Sustainability of Digitized Collections

In November, ARL and Ithaka S+R presented a webcast for two groups of participants in an IMLS–funded study of how libraries, archives, and museums are sustaining digitized special collections. The two-year study launched in November 2010 is a collaborative effort by ARL and Ithaka S+R. On November 7, Nancy Maron, Jason Yun, and Sabine Zander of Ithaka S+R and Judy Ruttenberg of ARL led the webcast, "Sustainability of Digitized Special Collections: A Participant's Guide," for more than 70 attendees from ARL libraries. The second presentation of the webcast, targeted toward additional institutions that have received IMLS National Leadership Grants to create or enhance digitized special collections, was held on November 28 with more than 20 attendees. To view the webcast archives, as well as additional information about the project, visit the Ithaka S+R website.

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ARL Preserves with CLOCKSS Archive

ARL and the CLOCKSS Archive have partnered to preserve ARL's e-journals and e-books in CLOCKSS's geographically and geopolitically distributed network of redundant archive nodes, located at 12 major research libraries around the world. This action provides for content to be freely available to everyone after a "trigger event" and ensures an author's work will be maximally accessible and useful over time. The publications to be archived are available via ARL Digital Publications ( Currently this content includes the ARL Annual Salary Survey, the ARL Statistics, Research Library Issues, and SPEC Kits. For more details, see the ARL press release.

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Research Library Leadership Fellows Convene at UBC

Koerner Library, Univeristy of British Columbia (UBC)
Koerner Library, UBC
image © UBC Library

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Library and its director, Ingrid Parent, hosted the ARL Research Library Leadership Fellows (RLLF) for a Strategic Issues Institute October 30–November 4. Key administrators and staff from the UBC Library and the university—including UBC Provost David Farrar—delivered presentations at the institute. The fellows learned about numerous campus-, city-, and province-wide initiatives aimed at engaging the UBC Library and the university with the broader community. The library's engagement with the area’s First Nations communities was addressed throughout. Highlights of the institute included a presentation on the topic of leadership by John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games; a frank discussion with the UBC Library's administrative team on the challenges of strategic change; and a guided tour of the UBC Museum of Anthropology. The next RLLF Strategic Issues Institute will be hosted in February by the University of Miami Libraries and their director, William Walker. For more information about the RLLF program, visit the ARL website.

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ARL Annual Statistical Surveys Update

The status of the annual ARL statistical surveys is as follows:

  • ARL Annual Salary Survey 2010–2011: Final tables are available on the ARL website; copies of the print publication have been mailed to member libraries; digital publications are available through ARL Digital Publications.
  • ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011–2012: Mailing posted on the ARL website and distributed electronically. Data verification underway; preliminary data to be posted as soon as all major data issues are addressed; please respond to our queries ASAP so we can post preliminary tables before the winter break arrives.
  • ARL Statistics, Academic Health Sciences Statistics, Academic Law Statistics 2009–2010: Data are currently being collected and compiled.
  • ARL Supplementary Statistics 2009–2010: Data are closed and available only to member libraries via
  • All data are readily accessible via the "Analytics" tab and "Data Repository" link at (login required; your library's primary ARL Statistics contact can approve your access to the system). New feature: The site's directory of ARL Statistics contacts at member libraries is being enhanced to include links to key institutional information, such as organizational charts and strategic plans.

A Survey Coordinators and SPEC Liaisons meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 20, 3:30–5:00 p.m., in Dallas, Texas. For more information about the annual surveys, contact Martha Kyrillidou.

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ClimateQUAL® Launches College-Level Survey

ClimateQUAL logo (old)

Integrating library assessment into the university-wide environment is key to understanding how libraries can benefit researchers, faculty, and students. As libraries are presenting their successful experiences with ARL assessment tools at the campus level, university colleges and departments are becoming interested in ARL's R&D services. ARL is working closely with the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University to launch a pilot that would bring the ClimateQUAL® experience and protocol to the college-level experience. The initial efforts are encouraging in that the survey tool has been adapted for data collection. Further analysis and research will be pursued to understand how this experience can enhance the StatsQUAL® suite of tools and integrate ARL's qualitative and quantitative tools into the university experience. If you work with academic units that would be interested in pursuing an implementation of ClimateQUAL®, please e-mail

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White House Requests Comments on Public Access to Research Results

White House, photo by Tom Lohdan
White House
image © Tom Lohdan

On November 4, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) published two requests for information (RFIs) about public access to the results of federally funded research: one RFI concerns peer-reviewed journal articles, the other RFI pertains to digital data from scientific research. Both RFIs contain a number of questions; responses are requested by January 2, 2012. Comments filed will inform White House deliberations on approaches for ensuring the long-term stewardship and broad public access to peer-reviewed scholarly publications and digital data resulting from federal funded research. ARL plans to file comments and encourages others to do so as well. ARL member representatives may download a set of talking points prepared by SPARC and the Alliance for Taxpayer Access to facilitate responses to the RFI about journal articles. The talking points are available on the ARL members-only website (login required). The RFIs are available on the Federal Register website:

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Move to Block Net Neutrality Fails in Party-Line Senate Vote

Earlier this month, Democrats in the US Senate stopped an attempt to block the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) new rules to protect network neutrality. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and fellow Republicans argued that the FCC’s new rules were regulatory overreach, but Democrats held the line against the resolution of disapproval, which President Obama had promised to veto if it came to his desk. A version of the resolution had already passed in the GOP–controlled House of Representatives.

ARL has long supported network neutrality, and has joined allies from the higher education and public interest communities to show support for the rules in a variety of ways. Importantly in the run-up to this most recent vote, several ARL member libraries contacted their representatives directly to signal the importance of an open Internet for their institutions. While the FCC’s rules are not ideal—most notably, they leave wireless Internet access largely unregulated—they are nevertheless an important bulwark against censorship and anticompetitive behavior by network operators. For more details, contact Brandon Butler.

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National Federation for Blind Intervenes in Authors Guild Suit against HathiTrust

In an unusual move, the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) is asking to be named as a defendant in the Authors Guild’s lawsuit against HathiTrust and a number of member libraries. The Authors Guild suit claims that HathiTrust's making of, storing, and providing access to digital scans of copyrighted works is illegal, objecting particularly to the Orphan Works Project. The NFB is claiming that its interest in access to the digitized corpus makes it a proper party to the suit. Providing access for the print-disabled has always been a part of the HathiTrust mission, and the NFB has been a vocal supporter of the project, and of the related Google Books project. For more information, see the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Obama Issues Memo on Government Record Keeping

National Archives (NARA) rotunda interior, by Marc Benton
US National Archives rotunda interior
image © Marc Benton

On November 28, President Obama issued a memorandum on “Managing Government Records,” signaling the beginning of a process to reform government record keeping, particularly electronic records. The President noted that, “Records transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) provide the prism through which future generations will understand and learn from our actions and decisions.” Archivist of the United States David Ferriero stated, “I am delighted that this is a priority of this Administration, and appreciate that the President reiterated what the National Archives has long noted: good records management is the backbone of open government.”Read the memorandum on the White House website.

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US House Committee Approves Presidential, Federal Records Reform Legislation

The US House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011 (H.R. 3071). The legislation amends the Presidential Records Act concerning the terms and conditions of when Presidential records become publicly accessible. In addition, the legislation also includes provisions designed to improve federal agency records management practices, with a focus on preservation processes in particular. Finally, provisions in the bill would permit the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to accept for deposit the records of Congress, the Architect of the Capitol, and the US Supreme Court. The bill would direct the Archivist of the United States to promulgate regulations that would require federal agencies to transfer electronic records “as soon as practicable.” The status and text of the bill is available from the Library of Congress THOMAS website.

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ARL Diversity Program Participants Selected as ALA Emerging Leaders

ALA Emerging Leader logo

Three former participants in ARL Diversity Programs have been chosen to participate in the American Library Association's (ALA) Emerging Leaders Program. Established in 2006, the ALA Emerging Leaders Program is a leadership development program that enables new library professionals from across the country to participate in problem-solving work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into ALA structure, and serve the profession in a leadership capacity. ARL Diversity Program participants chosen as Emerging Leaders for 2012 include:

  • Aimee Babcock-Ellis, 2010 ARL Career Enhancement Program Fellow
  • Derek Mosley, 2009–2011 ARL Diversity Scholar
  • Laksamee Putnam, 2009–2011 ARL Diversity Scholar

For more details about the ALA Emerging Leaders Program, visit the ALA website. For more information about the ARL Diversity Programs, visit the ARL website.

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Kuali Offers Tools for Managing Library Information Resources

Kuali Foundation has announced the release of Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) 0.3, open-source software that addresses the functional needs of academic research libraries for managing information resources. This is the initial component of a larger project to build an enterprise-wide library management system. Kuali OLE Release 0.3 is the result of collaboration of multiple higher education research libraries and commercial affiliates including Indiana University, Duke University, Lehigh University, North Carolina State University, University of Chicago, University of Florida, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and HTC Global Services. All software and materials delivered by the Kuali Foundation are available under the Educational Community License and can be adopted by colleges and universities without licensing fees. For more details, see the Indiana University news release.

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JISC eCollections Launched

JISC eCollections logo

JISC Collections, a membership organization that supports the provision of digital content for education and research in the UK, is launching a service to consolidate and host a broad range of content including journal archives, historic books, and multimedia items. The JISC eCollections service has been funded by JISC, to protect and preserve content investments made by JISC Collections on behalf of UK higher education institutions. The service is intended to provide a sustainable, value-for-money alternative to accessing licensed content on publisher platforms. For more information, see the JISC Collections news release.

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JISC, RCUK to Build Repository Infrastructure to Track Research Output

Over the next several months, JISC and the Research Councils UK (RCUK) will be scoping the issues and requirements from universities, funders, and researchers to manage information about research outputs. This activity, called the RIO Extension project, is intended to provide the UK education and research sector with guidance on recording and sharing information about its research outputs. That information will then be reusable for a variety of purposes, including by the systems used by the Research Councils. For more information, see the JISC news release.

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ARL Digital Publications Website Launched


ARL Digital Publications provides convenient online access to collections of your favorite ARL publications from 2006 to the present: ARL Annual Salary Survey, ARL Statistics, Research Library Issues, and SPEC Kits. Research Library Issues is freely available. Access to the ARL Statistics Collection and ARL Annual Salary Survey Collection is free to ARL members as a benefit of membership; an annual subscription is available to others. ARL members should e-mail their IP ranges to to set up access to the Statistics and Salary Survey Collections. Access to the SPEC Kit Collection is available by annual subscription. For more information, visit or contact Lee Anne George.

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Digital Humanities SPEC Kit Published by ARL

ARL has published Digital Humanities, SPEC Kit 326, which provides a snapshot of research library experiences with digital scholarship centers and services that support the humanities. This SPEC survey revealed that library-based support for the digital humanities is offered predominantly on an ad hoc basis. However, as demand for services has grown, libraries have begun to re-evaluate their provisional models. To order this SPEC Kit or to download a free PDF of the table of contents and executive summary, see the press release.

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ARL Presents Tools that Demonstrate Value of Libraries

At the 20th Pan Hellenic Conference of Academic Libraries held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in November, ARL’s Martha Kyrillidou presented on a variety of ARL strategies, tools, and projects that demonstrate the value of libraries in the academy. Also at the conference, Steve Hiller (Washington) and Jim Self (Virginia) discussed how their institutions have built strong assessment programs over the years. Finally, a joint presentation by Kyrillidou, Hiller, and Self highlighted issues related to demonstrating value during challenging times and renewing the focus on managing libraries in a strategic fashion. Download the presentations from the conference website.

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SPARC Reports Publishing Services a Major Growth Area for Academic Libraries

Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success (screenshot)

Publishing services provided by libraries are expanding and professionalizing, suggests a report released by SPARC on behalf of a team of researchers from the libraries of Purdue University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Utah. The report includes a recommendations for future development of library publishing services based on four components of this research: a survey of library directors; workshops involving library publishing leaders; case studies conducted at Purdue, Georgia Tech, and Utah; and a literature review. The recommendations focus on developing best practices, collaborating to create community-based resources, and formalizing skills and training. The report is open for comment through the end of the year; a final version will be issued in early 2012. To read and comment on Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success, visit the SPARC website.

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CNI Conversations Cover Open Data, Publishing Innovations, Assessment

In the November 28 CNI Conversations podcast, Clifford Lynch and Joan Lippincott discuss open data, publishing innovations, and assessment, among other topics. Lynch reports on the US Office of Science & Technology calls for comment on open data and open publications, and a recent paper by the European Knowledge Exchange on an action plan for research data. Lippincott summarizes the Berlin 9 meeting on open access, and she discusses assessment in higher education. To listen to the podcast, visit the CNI website.

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CLIR Publishes Study of Humanities Doctoral Student Success

CLIR logo

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has released a report from a joint project of the libraries at Cornell and Columbia, “Supporting Humanities Doctoral Student Success.” The project team investigated the needs of their institutions’ doctoral students in the humanities to determine whether the library can influence student success. The study revealed a number of factors affecting the completion of programs for doctoral students in the humanities: space for individual and group activities, community support promoting academic success, assistance with information management strategies, funding, and project and time management. To read the report, visit the CLIR website.

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Knowledge Exchange Responds to “Riding the Wave” Report

The Knowledge Exchange—a four-nation collaboration among Denmark's Electronic Research Library, the German Research Foundation, JISC in the UK, and the SURFfoundation in the Netherlands—has responded to the 2010 European Union report, Riding the Wave: How Europe Can Gain from the Rising Tide of Scientific Data. The new report, A Surfboard for Riding the Wave: Towards a Four Country Action Programme on Research Data, provides an overview of the present activities and challenges in the field of research data as well as a possible action plan for attaining the goal of a collaborative data infrastructure. To download the report, visit the Knowledge Exchange website.

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ARL/MLA Diversity and Inclusion Initiative: Call for Applications

ARL MLA logos

ARL is now accepting applications for the ARL/Music Library Association (MLA) Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (DII). This scholarship program, funded by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and ARL member libraries, offers minority candidates an opportunity to pursue the MLIS degree while gaining hands-on experience in a large academic music library. The total award package for the ARL/MLA DII is in excess of $20,000 and includes:

  • Tuition stipend of up to $10,000 in support of MLIS education
  • Paid internship in a partner music/performing arts library for a period not to exceed one calendar year (compensation is $11,880 a year)
  • Financial assistance for relocation ($1,000) to the area of the MLIS program into which the participant has been accepted
  • Paid student membership in MLA and the American Library Association (ALA) for one year
  • Support for travel to and attendance at an annual MLA Annual Meeting. MLA will develop and host a career development workshop that will address strategies for job searching, skills development, résumé writing, interviewing skills, and other topics related to job placement.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, according to the application deadlines of the MLIS programs affiliated with the partner libraries. For more information about the ARL/MLA DII program and to apply, visit the DII website. 

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ARL Leadership Symposium for MLIS Students: Registration Open

ARL will host its Eighth Annual Leadership Symposium for MLIS students on Saturday and Sunday, January 21 and 22, 2012, in Dallas, Texas. The Leadership Symposium curriculum will focus on topics related to the major strategic areas of ARL, as well as transitioning into, and building career networks in, research libraries. Registration is open to any MLIS student free of charge, but space is limited and registration closes on December 31 at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. For more details about the event and to register, visit the Leadership Symposium website.

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ARL Statistics & Assessment at ALA Midwinter

Dallas moon
"Dallas Moon"
image © rwh

Be sure to check out the ARL Statistics and Assessment events at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, Texas, next month. Highlights include the Library Assessment Forum on Friday, January 20; the LibQUAL+® Training Sessions on Monday, January 23; and the ARL/LibQUAL+®/StatsQUAL® booth (#1649) in the exhibits hall. For a complete list of ARL Statistics and Assessment events at Midwinter, visit the ARL website.

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Getting the Rights Right: SPARC-ACRL Forum at ALA Midwinter

At the upcoming ALA Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, Texas, SPARC and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) will co-host a panel discussion on “Getting the Rights Right for the Future of Scholarly Communication.” The forum will be held Saturday, January 21, 2012, 4:00–6:00 p.m., at the Dallas Convention Center, room A201/202. Separate registration for this event is not required. For more details, see the SPARC news release.

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SPARC Open Access Meeting Innovation Fair: Call for Proposals

Proposals are invited for the SPARC 2012 Open Access Meeting Innovation Fair, where new technologies and strategies will be showcased in engaging, informative, rapid-fire presentations. The Innovation Fair is a highlight to the regular SPARC meeting, now set for Kansas City, March 11–13, 2012. Proposals are due by January 18. For more details, visit the SPARC website.

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ARL Transitions

Hawaii: Paula Mochida will retire as Interim University Librarian, effective, December 31, 2011. She has served the university for over 37 years, including 5 years in her current position.

Library of Congress: Roberta I. Shaffer has been appointed Associate Librarian for Library Services, effective January 3, 2012. She has been serving as Law Librarian of Congress since August 2009. She will succeed current Associate Librarian for Library Services Deanna Marcum, who has held the post since 2003. For more details, see the news release.

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Other Transitions

Association of American University Presses (AAUP): Peter Givler plans to retire as Executive Director, effective June 2013, after 16 years leading AAUP.

British Library: Lynne Brindley will step down from her position of Chief Executive at the end of July 2012, after 12 years leading the library. For more details, see the press release.

Ithaka S+R: Deanna Marcum has been appointed Managing Director, effective January 1, 2012. She is retiring from her current post of Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress, effective December 31, 2011. For more details, see the ITHAKA press release.

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