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May 2012 E-News

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E-News for ARL Directors is a monthly publication highlighting the latest news and developments of interest to research library leaders. News from the ARL community and from the field calls attention to issues of strategic importance.

E-News is a collaboration of ARL program staff, compiled and edited by Charles Lowry, Kaylyn Groves, and Sue Baughman.

ARL Governance & Membership

Upcoming Events

ARL Statistics® Webcast
June 5
1:00-2:00 p.m. EST

ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
June 10–14
Washington, DC

ARL, LibQUAL+®, SPARC at ALA Annual
June 22–25
Anaheim, California

ARL Board Meeting
July 26–27
Washington, DC

MINES for Libraries® Webcast
September 18
1:00-2:00 p.m. EST

ARL Board & Membership Meetings
October 9–12
Washington, DC

Library Assessment Conference
October 29–31
Charlottesville, Virginia

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ARL, CNI, SPARC Strategic Actions

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Law & Policy

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From the Field

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  • Open Access Week 2012: Let’s Get Started
    ARL and SPARC are looking forward to another action-packed Open Access (OA) Week this fall: October 22–28, 2012...

  • Negotiating Access with Elsevier: SPARC Interviews Heather Piwowar
    With a simple tweet, University of British Columbia (UBC) post-doc Heather Piwowar started a conversation with Elsevier that eventually led to an agreement providing UBC researchers with text-mining rights to Elsevier subscription content...

  • CNI Resources
    Spring 2012 CNI Membership Meeting Materials | Recent Talks by and Interviews with Cliff Lynch | CNI Conversations Podcasts Feature Big Data, Mobile Tech, More...

  • OCLC Research Releases Final Part of Social Metadata Study
    Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Part 3: Recommendations and Readings—the third and final OCLC Research report in this series—provides recommendations on social metadata features most relevant to libraries, archives, and museums...

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ARL Board Convenes May 1 and 4

Winston Tabb (Board PR)
ARL President Winston Tabb

ARL President Winston Tabb (Johns Hopkins) convened meetings of the ARL Board of Directors on May 1 and 4 in Chicago, Illinois, during the 160th Membership Meeting. The Board adopted the minutes of its February 2012 meeting and the FY 2011 ARL financial audit. The minutes were distributed to all ARL member representatives in President Tabb’s e-mail message of May 21. The Board also took the following actions:

For more information, contact Sue Baughman.

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ARL Membership Convenes in Chicago May 2–4

The 160th ARL Membership Meeting convened at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Hotel May 2–4. The Board of Directors and ARL committees held working sessions on May 1 and 2. Program sessions were held on the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use, open scholarship, scenario planning, balanced scorecard, and the Digital Preservation Network. Other programs highlighted the recently completed E-Science Institute and the issue paper on 21st-Century Research Library Collections. Mark A. Puente, ARL Director of Diversity and Leadership Programs, presented an overview of ARL’s diversity programs and their impact over the past 12 years.

Speakers’ slides are now available on the 160th Membership Meeting Proceedings webpage. Audio recordings of program sessions will be posted as they become available.

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E-Reserves Decision Strongly Favors GSU; ARL Releases Issue Brief

copyright symbol made of jigsaw puzzle pieces, by Horia Varlan
copyright puzzle
image © Horia Varlan

On May 11, Judge Orinda Evans released her 350-page opinion in the copyright infringement lawsuit against Georgia State University (GSU). The case concerns the use at GSU of electronic course reserves and electronic course sites to make excerpts from academic books available online to students enrolled in particular courses. The named plaintiffs in the case are three academic publishers (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Sage), but an early filing in the case confirmed that the lawsuit was in fact being funded 50% by the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) and 50% by the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The plaintiffs argued that the unlicensed posting of digital excerpts for student access almost always exceeded fair use and should require a license.

Although the decision is certainly not perfect (the use of bright-line rules to determine the appropriate amount of copying allowed under factor 3 of fair use is particularly troubling), Judge Evans has written a thorough and thoughtful analysis of the issues, and her opinion represents an overwhelming victory for GSU individually, a major defeat for the plaintiff publishers and for the AAP and CCC, and overall a positive development for libraries generally. The substance of the opinion is not ideal, but it is far more generous than the publishers have sought, it establishes a very comfortable safe harbor for fair use of books on e-reserve, and libraries remain free to take more progressive steps.

For more details, see:

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ARL Joins Letters to Senate on Cybersecurity Bills

The US Senate is considering two cybersecurity bills in the wake of the House of Representatives’ passage of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). ARL has joined a series of bipartisan letters to the Senate expressing concerns about the Cyber Security Act of 2012 (S. 2105) and the SECURE IT Act (S. 2151), which are expected to be taken up on the floor of the Senate in coming weeks. The core concerns with respect to the bills include:

  • Unprecedented limits to Freedom of Information Act requests prevent reasonable access to information about the operation of cybersecurity programs.

  • Key terms are poorly or broadly defined, giving service providers excessive power to monitor and control users.

  • Existing privacy laws are summarily bypassed, removing all protection for users so long as a service provider can claim that a cybersecurity threat or concern was involved.

  • Military agencies, including the National Security Agency (NSA), are given too much potential power to monitor domestic civilian communications.

  • Information collected pursuant to these cybersecurity purposes can be used for other purposes, including criminal investigations, giving a strong incentive for abuse.

For more details, see:

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ARL Endorses VRA Statement on Fair Use of Images

Visual Resources Association (VRA) logo

On May 4, the ARL Board of Directors enthusiastically endorsed the Visual Resources Association’s (VRA) Statement on the Fair Use of Images for Teaching, Research, and Study. The VRA Statement is a clear and concise statement of best practices around a medium that can seem especially intimidating for educational users. The statement is a reliable guide, written by professionals who work with images every day and vetted by well-known experts in the field of copyright. ARL believes that the VRA recommendations will help libraries better serve their educational mission by helping to inform library practices and policies with the values of educators, scholars, and students. The ARL Board also notes that the practices described in the VRA statement are fully consistent with the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries, released by ARL earlier this year. Download and read the VRA Statement.

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ARL, EFF, Open the Government Comment on Incorporation by Reference

OpenTheGovernment logo

ARL joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and in endorsing comments by Public.Resource.Org to the US Office of Management and Budget on the incorporation of rulemaking standards by reference. During rulemaking procedures, federal agencies may rely upon standards developed by standard-setting bodies and communities of practice. For many reasons, agencies refer to these standards but do not include the full text of the standards in Federal Register requests for notice and comment and, eventually, the Code of Federal Regulations. As a result, those interested in commenting on a particular regulation may not have access to the relevant standard, particularly if it is copyrighted or only accessible for a fee, thus individuals cannot effectively participate in the rulemaking process. ARL, EFF, and noted that “all material incorporated by reference—regardless of the stage in the regulatory process, the subject matter of the regulation, or the identity of the regulated entity—should be made freely available, with no purported copyright restrictions and downloadable on a government agency’s website.” Download the letter. This letter follows comments that ARL, EFF, and filed before the Administrative Conference of the US in October 2011.

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ARL Joins Higher Ed Groups in Support of Student Loan Cap screenshot

ARL joined the American Council on Education (ACE) and over 40 higher-education related organizations in letters to the US Congress supporting legislation to maintain the current Stafford student loan interest rate at 3.4 percent. Writing on behalf of these organizations, ACE President Molly Corbett Broad stated, “we are very encouraged by the bipartisan interest in preventing the rate from rising to 6.8 percent in just over two months time. With interest rates on many consumer loans available at rates below 3.4 percent, raising student loan interest rates to 6.8 percent in this environment makes little sense and would create considerable hardship for students and their families.” Download the letter to the Senate and the letter to the House of Representatives.

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Print-Disabled Patrons Sue Free Library of Philadelphia; ARL Forms Task Force

Citing Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, four patrons of the Free Library of Philadelphia have sued the library because it instituted an e-reader program using e-readers that are inaccessible to the print disabled. The library loans free Nook e-readers to patrons over 50 years of age. Nooks are inaccessible to the print disabled as they do not employ text-to-speech technology or braille.

In response to the lawsuit, the ARL Board established a Joint Task Force on Services to Patrons with Print Disabilities in early May. This task force is designed to help ARL member libraries and their parent institutions be informed advocates for accessibility and position themselves to comply with necessary requirements. E-readers, licensed e-resources, mobile devices, websites, scanners, and copiers are all core collections and services that are subject to accessibility guidelines and law. The task force—which includes expertise in copyright, emerging technologies, services to the disabled, and licensing—will complete its work in six months, with a program briefing at the ARL Membership Meeting this October.

The task force is sponsored by the ARL Steering Committees on Transforming Research Libraries and Influencing Public Policies. Mary Case (Illinois at Chicago) will serve as chair. Other members of the task force include: Cynthia Archer (York), Nancy Baker (Iowa), Will Cross (North Carolina State), Sarah Hawthorne (California, Berkeley), Kurt Herzer (Johns Hopkins), Tito Sierra (MIT), Ed Van Gemert (Wisconsin–Madison), Tom Wall (Boston College). Judy Ruttenberg and Prue Adler will serve as ARL staff liaisons.

For more information, contact Prue Adler or Judy Ruttenberg.

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Challenges of 21st-Century Library Collections: ARL Releases Issue Brief

ARL’s 21st-Century Research Library Collections Task Force has released a briefing paper for research library directors, entitled, “21st-Century Collections: Calibration of Investment and Collaborative Action.” The paper notes that, for research libraries in the 21st century, collections are still a core asset but the context and strategies for decisions and investments are changing. The task force was co-chaired by Deborah Jakubs of Duke University and Thomas Leonard of the University of California, Berkeley. Christine Avery of Penn State University was the ARL Visiting Program Officer supporting the task force. For more details and to download the report, see the ARL press release.

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ARL Research Library Leadership Fellows (RLLF) Program Update

Site Visit to U Illinois Chicago, Northwestern

Twenty-two RLLF fellows attended a three-day site visit hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University directly preceding the May 2012 ARL Membership Meeting. The site visit, focused on “Leadership Approaches to Strategic Facilities Planning,” gave the fellows an opportunity to spend one day on each campus and interact with an array of library and campus leaders.

During a special session of the ARL Membership Meeting, RLLF fellows met key leaders from Chicago–based library associations. Brenda Bailey-Hainer of the American Theological Library Society (ATLA), Mary Ellen Davis of ACRL, Keith Fiels of ALA, and Karla Funk of the Medical Library Association spent nearly two hours with the fellows, sharing their perspectives as association directors and exploring issues affecting the library community.

In a concurrent program session of the ARL Membership Meeting, a group of RLLF fellows—Jon Cawthorne, Xuemao Wang, and Vivian Lewis—facilitated a discussion of “Transforming the Research Library Workforce: A Scenario Approach.” The session drew more than 70 people and surfaced many ideas that will be used by the team of fellows in future contributions to the ARL membership. The slides used by the team in the Membership Meeting session are available on the meeting proceedings website.

Future Program Offerings

Plans are underway for a 2013–14 offering of the RLLF Program. A call to ARL members will be sent by fall 2012, inviting expressions of interest for hosting the upcoming program. Five to seven directors of hosting ARL libraries act as the advisory team for their program year. For additional information, contact Mark A. Puente.

Upcoming 2012 RLLF Events

July 11–13: Site Visit: Institutional Planning, Dartmouth College
Fall (date TBD): Webinar: Fund Development Essentials for Library Leaders
October 9–12: RLLF closing events in conjunction with ARL Membership Meeting, Washington, DC

For more information, visit the RLLF website.

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ARL Annual Statistical Surveys Update

The status of the annual ARL statistical surveys is as follows:

Statsqual logo
  • ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011–2012: Final tables in Excel are available on the ARL website. The PDF publication is in production.

  • ARL Statistics, Academic Health Sciences Statistics, Academic Law Statistics, ARL Supplementary Statistics 2010–2011: Data are currently being verified. All libraries have submitted data.

  • All data are readily accessible by ARL member libraries via the “Analytics” tab and “Data Repository” link at (login required; all ARL library directors have been added to the system and your library's primary ARL Statistics contact can approve access to the system for any library staff member).

  • Available via “Analytics”: University data (1908–present), non-university data (1972–present), and university expenditures and indices.

  • Available via “Directory”: Links to organizational charts and strategic plans. If your institution’s links are not current, please send updated links to

The ARL Statistics and Assessment Committee and the Task Force on Reviewing the ARL Annual Salary Survey, the ARL Statistics, and the ARL Supplementary Statistics approved the survey revisions for the upcoming survey cycle. The new survey forms are designed to be more useful with fewer data elements. ARL aims to collect the annual data in a more timely fashion for member institutions to maximize their ability to use the information in budget decisions.

A meeting of ARL Survey Coordinators and SPEC Liaisons has been scheduled for Friday, June 22, 3:30–5:00 p.m., in Anaheim, California, at the Hilton Anaheim, Carmel room.

For more information about the annual surveys, contact Martha Kyrillidou.

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ClimateQUAL® Update

UK Cohort

ClimateQUAL logo (old)

Four academic libraries from the UK are in the midst of administering a ClimateQUAL® survey adapted to fit their culture. Nottingham Trent University, University of Leicester, University of the West of England, and University of York are currently collecting data on library staff perceptions concerning their library's commitment to the principles of diversity, organizational policies and procedures, and staff attitudes.

Call for Participants

ClimateQUAL® continues to seek US, Canadian, and UK institutions to participate in 2012. Please note that participants need to survey at least 50 part-time or full-time employees, possibly including student workers. For more information or to express interest in participating in 2012, e-mail

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Call to Action: Sign White House Petition for Public Access to Federally Funded Research

The Obama administration is currently considering which policy priorities they will act on before the 2012 election season swings into high gear. There is a brief, critical window of opportunity to ensure that public access to the results of federally funded research is one of those priorities. On May 21, a petition calling for Public Access to Federally Funded Research Results was posted on the White House’s “We the People” website. If the petition garners 25,000 signatures within 30 days, it will be reviewed by White House staff and considered for action. Please sign the petition today.

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CARL Responds to Program Cuts at Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) logo

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) released a statement expressing concern about the effect of the recent federal budget cuts on the programming of Library and Archives Canada (LAC). The federal budget introduced on March 29 called for a $9.6 million cut over this and the next two years in the budget of LAC, the expenditures of which were about $114 million in 2010. Some 200 positions at LAC are expected to be eliminated. LAC announced that it would cancel the National Archival Development Program and would no longer provide its ILL service. Tom Hickerson, President of CARL and Vice Provost and University Librarian at University of Calgary, said, “…we are very worried that the deep cuts at LAC will compromise the work, not only of LAC, but also of Canada’s other libraries and archives that depend upon LAC.” For more details, see the full CARL statement.

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CLIR Establishes Community for ARL/DLF E-Science Institute Participants

CLIR logo

In early May, primary liaisons from each institutional team that participated in the ARL/DLF E-Science Institute (ESI) were sent invitations for their teams to join the CLIR Connect E-Science/E-Research Community—an interactive website for ESI participants to maintain contact with one another and the ESI faculty. This virtual community will provide a platform for sharing ongoing lessons, challenges, and questions as institutions advance the strategic agendas they created at the ESI capstone events. For more information, contact Judy Ruttenberg.

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Penn State Awarded Mellon Grant to Study Personal Scholarly Archiving

Pennsylvania State University logo

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a grant of $143,000 to Pennsylvania State University to investigate how faculty create and manage personal information collections. Led by Associate Librarian Ellysa Stern Cahoy and Associate Professor of Science Education Scott McDonald, the 15-month ethnographic study will examine in detail how faculty save, share, cite and archive scholarly information. Cahoy and McDonald will collaborate with a team of Penn State librarians and a research anthropologist who will help conduct the study. For more information, see the Penn State news release.

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Open Access Week 2012: Let’s Get Started

Open Access Week

ARL and SPARC are looking forward to another action-packed Open Access (OA) Week this fall: October 22–28, 2012. The Open Access Week website provides many downloadable files for personalizing your OA Week events with posters, stickers, and OA information. Visit the OA Week website and start planning for OA Week 2012.

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Negotiating Access with Elsevier: SPARC Interviews Heather Piwowar

With a simple tweet, University of British Columbia (UBC) post-doc Heather Piwowar started a conversation with Elsevier that eventually led to an agreement providing UBC researchers with text-mining rights to Elsevier subscription content. SPARC interviewed Piwowar about her negotiations with Elsevier and the implications of the agreement. Read the interview on the SPARC website.

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CNI Resources

Spring 2012 CNI Membership Meeting Materials

CNI logo (white on blue)

Video of the plenary sessions presented at CNI's Spring 2012 Membership Meeting are now available from CNI's YouTube channel and Vimeo channel. University of Michigan President Emeritus James Duderstadt delivered the opening keynote address, “Reinventing the Research University to Serve a Changing World,” and Phillip Long, University of Queensland Director of the Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology, closed the meeting with his plenary talk, “Key Trends in Teaching & Learning: Aligning What We Know about Learning to Today's Learners.” More videos from the meeting are forthcoming.

Interviews conducted by EDUCAUSE at the meeting are beginning to come in, including a conversation with David Weinberger, senior researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and author of the book Too Big to Know. Additional interviews conducted at CNI's spring meeting will be published on Gerry Bayne's EDUCAUSE blog as they become available.

A report is now available of the executive roundtable discussion that took place during the meeting, “Multiple Devices and Platforms: Institutional Strategies”.

Recent Talks by and Interviews with Cliff Lynch

A joint interview with CNI Director Clifford Lynch and Lee Dirks of Microsoft Research was filmed at the November 2011 Annual Charleston Conference and is part of the Against the Grain interview series, “Views from the Penthouse Suite.” Topics covered include the librarian’s role in data management, emerging tools in scholarly communication, backing up digital collections in the cloud, and much more. View the video on YouTube.

Clifford Lynch discussed “Memory Organizations & Evidence to Support Scholarship in the 21st Century” as part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GSLIS Windsor Lecture Series. The series honors the career of Phineas L. Windsor, who served as director of the University of Illinois Library and the Library School from 1909 to 1940. Audio of Clifford’s talk is now available from the Windsor Lecture Series website.

CNI Conversations Podcasts Feature Big Data, Mobile Tech, More

The May 2 CNI Conversations podcast features reports from CNI Director Clifford Lynch on the Obama administration’s announcement of a new “big data” initiative, an e-journals summit hosted by the National Academies, developments in identity management, the recent Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress, and more.

In the May 10 CNI Conversations podcast, CNI Associate Director Joan Lippincott explores mobile technologies, including a brief discussion of the roundtable discussion that took place at CNI's Spring 2012 Membership Meeting, and Clifford Lynch talks about a workshop on the future of the web.

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OCLC Research Releases Final Part of Social Metadata Study

OCLC logo

Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Part 3: Recommendations and Readings—the third and final OCLC Research report in this series—provides recommendations on social metadata features most relevant to libraries, archives, and museums as well as an annotated reading list of the literature consulted during the research. The working group’s final recommendation is that it is riskier to do nothing and become irrelevant to user communities than to start using social media features. OCLC Research also recently published an Executive Summary, which includes highlights from all three reports in the series. For more details about the study and to download the documents, visit the OCLC Research website.

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Call for Proposals for 2013 SPEC Survey Topics

Do you have an idea for a survey of research libraries? ARL is seeking proposals for 2013 SPEC survey topics. For 40 years ARL has gathered and disseminated data through the SPEC survey program to assist libraries in the continuous improvement of their management systems. Each year, ARL works with librarians in the US and Canada to develop six surveys of the ARL membership on “hot topics” related to research library policies and practices. Survey authors do not need to work at an ARL member library, but only ARL libraries are surveyed. Proposals for 2013 topics are due July 22, 2012. For more details, see the ARL news release.

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ARL, LibQUAL+®, SPARC at ALA Annual in Anaheim

Check out our events at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, June 22–25. Events include a session on the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use, the ARL Library Assessment Forum, and the SPARC-ACRL forum on campus open access funds. Visit us at booth #1231 in the Exhibits Hall. See our schedule of events.

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LibQUAL+® Invites Past Participants to Join Booth at ALA Anaheim

LibQUAL+® logo

To share survey experience and/or research, past LibQUAL+® participants are invited to join the LibQUAL+® team in greeting guests at the ARL booth (#1231) at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. The LibQUAL+® team will also be available for individual consultations at the booth. Booth hours are:

Friday, June 22, 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Saturday–Sunday, June 23–24, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Monday, June 25, 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

If you are interested in volunteering at the booth, please e-mail and indicate your available hours.

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Paramount Theater, Charlottesville, Virginia

Library Assessment Conference 2012: Save the Date

Registration will open in June for the 2012 Library Assessment Conference to be held in Charlottesville, Virginia, October 29–31. The fourth biennial conference will feature paper presentations, a poster reception, keynote speeches from provocative members of the assessment community, pre- and post-conference workshops, affinity panels, tours of the Charlottesville area, and a not-to-be-missed conference reception at the majestic Paramount Theater. For more details, visit the Library Assessment Conference website.

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International Digital Curation Conference 2013 to Be Held in Amsterdam

The eighth International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) will be held January 14–16, 2013, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. IDCC brings together those who create and manage data and information, those who use it, and those who research and teach about curation processes. The theme of this year’s conference is “Infrastructure, Intelligence, Innovation: Driving the Data Science Agenda.” IDCC 2013 is being organized by the Digital Curation Centre, UK, in partnership with CNI. For more information and the call for papers, visit the IDCC 2013 website.

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Joint Conference of Librarians of Color: Scholarship Applications Due May 27, Early Registration Ends June 13

The second national Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC) will be held September 19–23, 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. The conference theme is “Gathering at the Waters—Celebrating Stories, Embracing Communities.” The JCLC is sponsored by the five ethnic caucuses of the American Library Association (ALA). Numerous scholarships are available to attend this event; the scholarship application deadline is Sunday, May 27. Early-bird registration will close on Wednesday, June 13. For more information, visit the JCLC website.

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ARL Transitions

California, Davis: MacKenzie Smith, former Research Director for MIT Libraries and a consultant to the ARL/DLF E-Science Institute, has been appointed University Librarian at UC Davis, effective June 1, 2012. For more details, see the UC Davis news release.

Vivian Lewis (cropped)
Vivian Lewis, McMaster

McMaster: Vivian Lewis, Associate University Librarian for Organizational Development and ARL Research Library Leadership Fellow 2011–12, has been appointed Acting University Librarian at McMaster, effective May 21, 2012, pending approval by the university senate and board.

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21 Dupont Circle, by M. V. Jantzen
ARL HQ, Washington, DC
image © M. V. Jantzen

ARL Staff Transitions

Christopher Merriman was appointed Administrative Assistant for Statistics and Assessment, effective May 7, 2012. He has held several appointments in Washington, DC, providing administrative and programmatic support. He earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Chris fills the opening left by Rachel DeLevie-Orey, who resigned as Administrative Assistant for Statistics and Assessment, effective March 30, to take a position working on Elizabeth Warren’s US Senate campaign.

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Purdue Libraries Dean James Mullins Honored by ARL Diversity & Leadership Committee

On April 4, ARL’s Diversity and Leadership Committee honored Dean James Mullins and the Purdue University Libraries for their enduring commitment to ARL’s Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce (IRDW), and for advancing the cause of diversity and inclusion in academic and research libraries. Since 2005, Dean Mullins and the Purdue Libraries have underwritten and hosted IRDW Diversity Scholars at an annual “research library visit” designed to provide an inside look at operations in a major research library in the Midwest. During the closing reception for the eighth annual visit, Dean Mullins was presented an engraved trophy in recognition of this continued dedication to hosting the site visit.

The visit to Purdue includes programs on a broad range of topics such as e-science, scholarly communication, embedded librarianship, special collections, and emerging library roles. Past programs have included discussions with the university Provost, the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, and representatives from Purdue University cultural centers and other student services groups. A committee of staff and faculty from the library plans this important component of the IRDW with input from the Diversity Scholars and ARL staff.

For more information about the honor, see the ARL press release. A timeline of the IRDW visits to the Purdue University Libraries and other sponsored events can be found on the ARL IRDW website.

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Joseph A. Rosenthal, 1929–2012

Joe Rosenthal passed away on April 7 in San Francisco. He had retired as University Librarian at the University of California, Berkeley in 1991, after serving 12 years in that role and 8 years as Associate University Librarian. As University Librarian, he initiated major programs in conservation, automation, and private funding that guided the library through the changes of the 1980s and have had a lasting impact on the university. Prior to coming to Berkeley, he held increasingly responsible positions at the New York Public Library (1958–70) and he began his library career as an intern at the Library of Congress (1957–58).

Throughout his career Rosenthal published articles, participated actively in professional associations, served as a consultant, and was principal investigator on numerous federal grants. He served on the ARL Board of Directors from 1984 to 1987. He also served on several ARL committees, including the Task Force on Bibliographic Control (1980–1987), which he chaired 1984–1987; the ARL/CRL Joint Committee on Expanded Access to Journal Collections (1983); the Coordinating Committee on Collections and Access (ex officio 1984–1987); the Committee on Government Policies (1987–1989); the Committee on Nominations (1988); and the Committee on Preservation of Research Library Materials (1990–1992).

Following his retirement from UC Berkeley, Rosenthal served on the San Francisco Library Commission and volunteered as chief librarian at the American Conservatory Theatre.

A memorial service for Joe Rosenthal will be held on Friday, June 1, at 4:00 p.m. in the Morrison Library of the Doe Library at the University of California, Berkeley. For more details, see the obituary from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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