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Mark McFarland Bio

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Mark McFarland has been working as a library administrator for the past 14 years.  Before entering the world of administration he worded as a practitioner in the area of digital libraries for 10 years. He put together the technology group in his library that was responsible for Internet-based technologies and, essentially, for establishing the digital library infrastructure at the University of Texas at Austin.  This infrastructure supports high volume of use from faculty, students, staff and the general public and has been architected for high availability and security.  Mark also been instrumental in establishing 2 statewide library resource sharing consortia (TexShare, the UT System Digital Library), the Texas Digital Library, and a unique, UT-based program designed to deliver stories about UT’s research to citizens of Texas.  These efforts are examples of attempts to leverage resources in ways that allow us all to take advantage of the power of global networks and the World Wide Web. Mark has made many presentations on issues pertaining to digital library development and has managed many grant projects having to do with production and management of digital content.  He was born in Oklahoma, has lived in Austin for the past 28 years and holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas (arch rivals in every way).