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The ARL Visiting Program Officer (VPO) program provides an opportunity for a staff member in an ARL member library to assume responsibility for conducting part or all of a project for ARL. The program provides a highly visible professional development opportunity for an outstanding staff member and serves the ARL membership as a whole by extending the capacity of ARL to undertake additional activities.

Typically, the member library supports the salary of the staff person and ARL supports or seeks grant funding for travel or other project-related expenses. Depending on the nature of the project and the circumstances of the individual, a VPO may spend extended periods of time in Washington, DC, or may conduct most of the project from her/his home library. In either case, contact with ARL staff and a presence in the ARL office is encouraged as this has proved to be mutually beneficial for the VPO and for ARL.

The ARL Strategic Plan reflects the scope of ARL's current agenda and suggests the range of issues where a Visiting Program Officer project could make a contribution. Individuals who wish to propose a project they could advance for ARL, or those who wish to nominate a librarian to serve as a VPO, may contact Sue Baughman, Associate Deputy Executive Director. Each appointment has its own time frame and will be dependent on securing support from the potential VPO's home library and identifying the financial resources needed to undertake the assignment.

Current VPOs

  • Christine Avery, Penn State University, is working with the 21st Century Research Library Collections Task Force to develop an action plan that promotes a new understanding of the content and emerging functions that research libraries provide in the 21st Century digital networked environment.
  • Lisa Carter, Ohio State University, is working with the ARL Special Collections Working Group to promote collaborative integration and enduring access to comprehensive research collections and resources in all formats.
  • Jolie Graybill, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, is working with ARL Diversity Programs and Leadership Initiatives. She will enhance ARL's Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce, further develop ARL's career placement services, contribute to marketing and communications, and provide guidance in curriculum development and programming for the annual ARL Leadership Symposium.
  • Steve Hiller, University of Washington, and Jim Self, University of Virginia, are leading a service to help libraries develop sustainable assessment efforts that demonstrate their contributions to teaching, learning and research.
  • Janice Pilch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is conducting research and formulating policy on international copyright issues relating to libraries. This includes identifying further strategic directions and potential alliances in which ARL and the Library Copyright Alliance may seek to influence legislation, as well as identifying public policies governing use of copyrighted materials at the national and international levels.

Former VPOs

Name & Sponsoring Library


Project Undertaken

Lars Meyer
Emory University
2007–09 Assess the state of preservation programs in ARL libraries
Neil Rambo
University of Washington
2007–08 Advance ARL e-science agenda
Michael Rush
Yale University
2007–08 Advance agenda of ARL Special Collections Working Group
Trisha L. Davis
Ohio State University
Diane Grover
University of Washington
2006–07 Refine and extend the benefits of a pilot workshop on analyzing and mapping license terms for use in electronic resource management (ERM) systems
Susan Weaver
Kent State University
2006–07 Raise awareness about library assessment and assessment tools in Greek libraries
Evelyn Frangakis
New York Public Library
Jill Thomas
Boston College
2003–05 Investigate resources for use by the library community in the handling and preservation of still images in the digitization process
Carla Montori
University of Michigan
2003–06 Advance the agenda for recognizing digitization as a preservation reformatting option and help define and refine the ARL Preservation Statistics
Monica McCormick
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2005–06 Advance the agenda of the Special Collections Task Force
Susan Gibbons
University of Rochester
2006 Advance the work of the ARL Task Force on Enhanced Environments for Teaching and Learning
Eudora Loh
University of California, Los Angeles
2004–05 Shaping new strategies for the AAU/ARL Global Resources Program
Judith Panitch
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2002–04 Advance the agenda of the ARL Special Collections Task Force
Dan Hazen
Harvard University
2003–04 Director of AAU/ARL Global Resources Network
Brendan Rapple and Barbara Mento
Boston College
2002–03 Explore to what extent libraries and universities are using data mining technologies to improve research productivity. They have compiled and prepared SPEC Kit 274, Data Mining and Data Warehousing.
Gordon Fretwell
University of Massachusetts
2002 Collect and analyze e-metrics data recommeded from the ARL E-Metrics project.
Susan Beck
Rutgers University
2002 Investigate the impact of assessment on library decision making
Doug Jones
University of Arizona
2001–02 Work with the New Measures Initiative to address the role of the library in support of research
Deborah Jakubs
Duke University
1996–2002 Director of the AAU/ARL Global Resources Program
Carolyn Synder
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
2000–01 Work with ARL's Online Lyceum and the development of business plan to direct program's activities
Dawn Kight
Southern University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1999–2000 Work with ARL's Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce and the OLMS Online Lyceum
Vicki Coleman
University of Kansas
1999–2000 Work with the ARL New Measures Initiative including web site development and with ARL's Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce
Trish Rosseel
Electronic Library Network (Vancouver, BC)
1999 Development of Electronic Means to Deliver OLMS Training Content
Karen Zuidema, James Hodson,
and Nancy John
University of Illinois at Chicago
1998–99 Development of a WWW Resource on Digital Library Activities in ARL Libraries
Mark Winston
Valdosta State University (Georgia)
1997 Diversity Issues in Academic Libraries
Trisha L. Davis
Ohio State University
1997 Licensing Workshop with ARL's Office of Scholarly Communication
Timothy Jewell
University of Washington
1996–98 The Character and Nature of Research Library Investments in Electronic Resources
Toni Olshen
York University
1996 Diversity in Canadian Libraries
Kendon Stubbs
University of Virginia
1995–96 Measuring User Satisfaction & Quality Service
Stanley Wilder
Louisiana State University
1995 Age Demographics of Professionals in ARL Libraries
Mark Grover
Brigham Young University
1994–96 ARL/AAU Latin American Demonstration Project
Pierre Guilmette
Laval University
1994 ARL Foreign Acquisitions Project
(French language)
Jim Gillispie
Johns Hopkins University
1994 US Government Depository Library Program
Gail Kennedy
University of Kentucky
1994 Quality Management
Mary Jackson
University of Pennsylvania
1993 ILL & Document Delivery
Dan Hazen
Harvard College Library
1992 Latin American Studies Assessment Project
Donna Koepp
University of Kansas
1992 ARL GIS Literacy Project
Patrick McGlamery
University of Connecticut
1992 ARL GIS Literacy Project 
Gayle Garlock
University of Toronto
1992 ARL Foreign Acquisitions Project
Assunti Pisiani
Harvard University
1992 ARL Foreign Acquisitions Project
Susan Barnard
Kent State University
1991 Total Quality Management
Jean Loup
University of Michigan
1989 Statistical Projects,
University E&G Expenditures
Beth Shapiro
Michigan State University
1989 Access & Performance Measures for Research Libraries
Crystal Graham
University of California, San Diego
1989 Guidelines for Bibliographic Records for Preservation Microform Masters
Sandra Peterson
Yale University
1989 OMB's Circular A-130, Paperwork Reduction Act
Karen Turko
University of Toronto
1988 Mass Deacidification Technologies
Rhonda MacInnes
National Library of Canada
1988 OMS Training Program
Diane Smith
Pennsylvania State University
1988 Government Information
Access & Info Policy Issues
Samuel Streit
Brown University
1988 HEA II-C Program: A Ten-Year Assessment