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ARL Strategic Plan 2010–2012

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The goals and strategies outlined in the ARL Strategic Plan 2010-2012 are in place while the Association engages in a new planning process in 2013.

2010–2012 Plan

The following strategic directions, outcomes, and strategies form the heart of ARL’s strategic plan.

  • The strategic directions identify major areas of emphasis for ARL in the coming three years. They are broad and also closely linked and interdependent. All have been identified as critical priorities for ARL at this point in time.

  • The outcomes provide some indications of what might be expected as a result of moving in these directions.

  • The strategies suggest how ARL might begin to implement these directions. Over time, as strategies are implemented, new strategies will be identified or current ones modified to meet the changing environment and evolving needs of ARL libraries.


--Plan endorsed by ARL Board of Directors, October 15, 2009

-- Update to Advancing Scholarly Communication -- Outcomes and Strategies endorsed by the ARL Board of Directors, June 4, 2012